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At Coldstone Creamerys around the country Tuesday, an event was held to raise funds for the Make a Wish foundation. David Hasselhoff dropped by the Los Angeles event where Michael Pajaro was able to meet him.

I'm back from Hollywood & Highland. Lots of people werelined up outside the Creamery to get Hasselhoff's autograph. The comment I heard most of all: "wow, he's really tall!"

He's really great with fans and stopped to talk with people even as he was coming in. He never rushed anyone away from the table and instead really engaged people in conversation. Of course I mentioned Knight Rider and he gave a quick history of the movie project- no new news I'm afraid. The one thing he did say which I didn't know is that he was offered to do Knight Rider as a 2-hour TV-movie, but he turned it down because he wanted to save it for the big screen.

Portions of all sales at Coldstone Creamery today nationwide will go to the national Make-A-Wish Foundation. Donations made at Hasselhoff's autograph table will go to the local Make A Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Make a Wish

Ten years ago tomorrow, Knight Rider Online was born! I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped us along the way behind the scenes, and who continue to do so (sith, michael pajaro, knightshade and jup). and more importantly viewers like you. It is the community (over 3000 registered here alone) that has grown here that has made and continues to make Knight Rider Online the success it has become. I've had the privilege to talk at lengths to a number of you and even meet a few in person, and it really is an amazing group here. I want to thank everyone for their support, even those that continue to lurk in the recesses.

Also I'd like to thank our sponsors for the contest that have helped with this months celebration, Universal, 80stees.com and hopefully one more that I'm waiting to confirm on. (not over yet folks Smile )

If someone told me ten years ago that this site would still be around and thriving, I wouldn't have believed them. It really is incredible to still be here. Thank you everyone.

I put together a quick little page about our story, which also has a few images from what the site used to look like in previous versions that is kinda fun to check out


Here is to Ten more!

(and hopefully a Knight Rider movie by then! That rumor has been going since day one!)

Hot off of the news that KITT will appear in an Adam Sandler produced movie, word comes from Variety today that David Hasselhoff will star along side Sandler and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) in his next feature entitled "Click." Hasselhoff will play Adam Sandlers boss.

"Click", from director Frank Coraci, will star Sandler as a chap who finds a magical remote control that enables him to rewind and fast-forward through parts of his life. Trouble kicks in when the remote starts to make the choices for him.

The film begins production in Mid-June.

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Since Universal decided to scrape on the extras for the Season 2 set, we decided to try our hand in gathering some extras for the website.

Well we did, our own Sith was able to track down Rebecca Holden! We were able to get an interview with her that we are launching today to coinside with today's Season 2 release and our tenth anniversary.

Be sure to check out our interview as Ms. Holden takes us on a trip down memory lane and shares some insight on Knight Rider, April and her life since then. We wish to thank Ms. Holden for taking some time out to speak with us, she's a great person.

April in April

Season two is set to be released in just a short period of time now. We were forutnate to get an advanced copy to review. What did we think of it?

We'll you'll have to check out our review to see. (hint: do you really think we'd be negative?)

In keeping with the coverage we had for Season 1, we will be doing a number of contests for Season 2.

First up is one copy of Season 2 on DVD. The end date for the contest is April 12th, we want people to be able to enter and see if they won so they'll be able to take advantage of the sales opening week if they didn't.

Like last time, the contest is open to anyone in the world, but if you are outside the US you will have to pay for shipping.

We have a couple of more sets and items to give away, so stay tuned!


Don't forget you can still preorder your sets online and save!

34.99 from Amazon

39.98 from Barnes & Noble

37.38 from Buy.com

We just received word from a reader of this site that they were able to pick up the set today from their local walmart in Jacksonville, FL.

While the set isn't supposed to be released until this tuseday, it is not uncommon for places to put them out before their release date, how ever this is usually followed by a fine.

have you seen the season 2 set yet?

Adam Sandlers production company is about to start filming 'Bench Warmers" starring Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), David Spade, Rob Schneider. George Barris shop has been comissioned to produce a KITT for the movie.

"Story centers on three men who were poor at sports when they were kids but try to make up for it by forming a three-man team that challenges nine-player youth baseball teams"

Found by Michael Pajaro

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