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News from Australia today, where MrPayner writes us from. A local newspaper Sain writes in their January edition, claiming that the Knight Rider Movie will be in the theaters by the end of the year. I would be hesitant with believing this article until others echo it, cause we've been down this path before. However, we wanted to pass it on to you.


A bit more emerged this week on the Season 2 release, that we've compiled it for our weekend update:

  • The discs will contain no extra content. The only items that one might call additional is the previews for each episode will be before each episode. Futher seasons probably wont have extras either, but thats still up in the air, dependant on sales.
  • Each episode will now have a chapter break after the opening credits. This will please those of you who were forced to watch the opening for every episode in Season 1
  • The packaging has been changed from a "Digipak" style (what they used in Season 1, to three Slim Snapper Cases. Each case will contain artwork that also lists what episodes are on the disc inside.
  • The season 2 box sets of A Team and Magnium PI will contain a Knight Rider episode as a bonus. No bonus episodes from any other series will be on the Knight Rider set.
  • All 21 episodes will be on three double sided DVDs. The running time on each disc will be 6 hours and 31 minutes.
  • It is possible that Sci-Fi Channel will air a marathon around the time of the Season 2 release to help promote the discs

The Official Press Release

More info as it comes to light can be found on our forums.

Thanks to Paul of the Knight Rider Archive for helping out reporting, and pavanbadal of SitcomsOnline for the screenshot and the trailer!


We got an email in our box earlier this week from Chris Kerr, an Irish author whos new book "As Seen on TV" is a surreal satire about our TV Obsessed culture. One of the infulences from this book is Knight Rider!

Here is a book sample:

I have a problem. No one else can help. Except maybe the likes of Hannibal, Face, BA, Murdock, and hooray for Hollywood feminism, Triple A. Yep, I want to hire The A-Team. Call me ‘Howling Mad’--that’s one better than barking--if this here problem of mine doesn’t raise its bull-ugly head in the middle of Tuesday night, 24th April. There I am, in my Hollywood bed, experiencing a wakeful dream about selling a script to Spielberg himself. I’m pitching the learned-by-rote resume I say to everyone out here, even the people in my dreams. ‘My go-project is The A-Team, Mr Spielberg. The door to this was The Six Million Dollar Man movie--even though they got some A-hole to rewrite me and retitled it The Bionic Dude. The key to that door was my spec script Zombie Moon--it’s all about how Zylon, an experimental space-age gas, makes the international crew of astronauts on Moon Base Alpha die and come back as undead brain-eaters.’

This book is available from Amazon shipping February 10th, 2005.
Click on the link below to read the Press Release

Word came down the Universal pipe today that the Region 1 release of Season 2 will street this April 12th!

From TVShowsOnDVD.com:

Michael (David Hasselhoff) & K.I.T.T. (William Daniels) return! Universal has announced Knight Rider - Season 2, which is the season where Patricia McPherson's "Bonnie" was temporarily replaced for one year with Rebecca Holden's "April". Fittingly, the 3-DVD set will be released in April, on April 12th to be exact!

Guest stars this season include Catherine Mary Stewart, Anne Lockhart, Guy Stockwell, Geena Davis, Robert Pastorelli, Lance LeGault, Tom Wilson, John Vernon and Catherine Hickland (Hasselhoff's wife at the time).

The 3 discs are all double-sided, dual-layer "DVD-18s". The running time is 1173 minutes for what ought to be 24 episodes. Look for full-frame video, English Mono sound, and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. $49.98 SRP is the price. The thumbnail-sized version of the cover is all that was available, and you'll see that it doesn't look very different from the first season, at least at this "distance". Stay tuned, and we'll have full-sized cover art and any new info for you just as soon as more comes to light.

Above is the larger sized cover art that we recieved in our box this afternoon.


What you are seeing above is the winner of our first annual Knight Rider FanArt Challenge, created by KnightRiderFinland!

This challenges goal was to create a movie poster based on a future Knight Rider movie. It was hosted on our Message Board and was run by Sith. View the the thread to check out the other great entries and be sure to post your latest artwork! Congratulations to all that entered!

Of the following, who do you think the most Most Uninsurable Driver is?

Bo Duke, "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Herman Munster, "The Munsters"
Michael Knight, "Knight Rider"
Ken Hutchinson, "Starsky & Hutch"
MacGyver, "MacGyver"

Goto TV Land's website and vote! Winners will be announced at the annual TV Land awards airing March 16th.

*And hint, it doesn't seem to prevent you from "accidentally" voting multiple times.

Thanks to vegascapo for the heads up!

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