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We were fortunate enough to get an advanced look at the Season 1 DVD release! It's incredible! We've written a review which we hope you will check out:

Did you want just a quick review? It's a must have for any Knight Rider fan!

Knight Rider Season 1 DVD Review

Knight Rider Season 1 is out on Region 1 this Tuesday, August 3rd!

Here are some more shots of the Knight Rider Season 1 DVD box that is to be released August 3rd.

Just a reminder from a previous posting Stu Phillips, the man responsible for the Knight Rider theme, and composing music for various other series will be appearing in Seattle at:

Raining Hollywood: Northwest Sci-Fi Convention & Collector Show
August 28-29, 2004
Seattle Marriott Airport Hotel, Sea-Tac, Washington

Other guest scheduled to appear are David Carradine from "Kung Fu" and "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2", Richard Hatch from "Battlestar Galactica", Ray Park aka Darth Maul from "Star Wars Episode 1", Margot Kidder, aka Lois Lane from "Superman" and many more!

The ticket price for the exhibition is 8 dollars per day which can be purchased in advance on their website.

Stu is also set to take place in two live events:

On Saturday:

12:00pm - A TRIBUTE TO BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! with series star RICHARD HATCH ("Apollo"), DICK DUROCK ("Imperious Leader" and "Cylon"), FELIX SILLA ("Lucifer"), LAURETTE SPANG ("Cassiopea") and STU PHILLIPS, composer of Battlestar Galactica theme and music.  Don't miss out when these three gifted talents take the stage together to discuss their personal reflections of working on the classic series, as well as showing clips and taking questions from the audience.  Richard will also be screening his popular Battlestar Galactica: the Second Coming trailer as well as discuss his role on the upcoming season of the Sci-Fi Channel's new Battlestar Galactica series. This is a rare appearance in the Northwest for all three of these guests!

And on Sunday:

10:30am - STU PHILLIPS live on stage! The music maestro behind such compositions as the themes to Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider, and producer of such golden oldies as "Johnny Angel" and "Blue Moon." Stu has literally been the genius behind thousands of pieces of music, many forever etched in our culture. Stu has recently published his memoirs and will be bringing along copies of his book, as well as various soundtrack and compilation cds, with him as he makes his first ever convention appearance in the Northwest. Here's your chance to hear and talk to him in person. (presentation length: 30 minutes

As mentioned in our forums last week Profiles in History is set to host a live auction on eBay where one of the items up for grabs is a KITT used in the filming of Knight Rider:

437. K.I.T.T. (Knight Industry Two Thousand) car from Knight Rider. (Universal TV, 1982-85) This highly-modified 1983 Pontiac Trans Am is an original screen-used hero car used during the second season of the hit TV series. Instantly recognizable with its working scanner in the front and highly futuristic interior, this vehicle was arguably the star of the show! Accompanied with the original ownership certificate listing MCA Universal Studios Inc. as the registered owner. For insurance and liability reasons the vehicle's identification number was removed by Universal (common practice for their film and TV cars) and it was subsequently assigned the in-house inventory control number of "1177" (numbers can be found on the driver-side door and under the hood).

More information on the KITT can be found at the auction page. Also a page detailing the restoration of this car can be found at Mark's Custom Kits restoration page which is a very interesting read in itself.

The estimate is ranging from $40,000 to $60,000

This eBay auction was recently picked up by BoingBoing and engadget.

More info on the Auction below

For the next three months David Hasselhoff will be playing the part of Billy Flynn in the West End musical Chicago in London England. Vinny, who was interviewed on BBC Radio last month was fortunate enough to go to the opening night and was able to meet the man himself:

I just got back from seeing David and it went so so so well. Some of the cast of the show spotted my car wile having a break and wanted to have pictures taken with the car, then more and more cast menbers came. Nearly all of them had pictures taken with my KITT. So by the time David was all done he knew my KITT was waiting outside. There were so many fans and press. He came out and signed many autographs then shouted " Where's my buddy with KITT" and he walked straight over to me and KITT. He spoke with me for about 5 minutes and then signed a few things for me. He then got on my bonnet (hood) and posed for the press and got me there with him for most of them. He then had another picture on the bonnet (hood) and said " this is for my website" to everyone. We spoke about many things, he was charming. We will meet again soon. I will got pictues I also got it on video.

This picture and the two on the next page are thanks to him!

With the release of the first season of Knight Rider nearly a month away, we have put together away to help celebrate. Starting today you can enter to win one of two DVD copies of the first season as well as some other exciting items!


1 (ONE) Knight Rider Season 1 DVD Set
1 (ONE) Concept Shirt by 80stees.com
1 (ONE) Ten Dollar Gift Certificate to 80stees.com

1 (ONE) Knight Rider Season 1 DVD Set
1 (ONE) Ten Dollar Gift Certificate to 80stees.com

1 (ONE) Knight Rider Corgi Model
1 (ONE) Ten Dollar Gift Certificate to 80stees.com

1 (ONE) Ten Dollar Gift Certificate to 80stees.com

Much thanks to 80stees.com for their support of the contest, and to the anonymous donator of the dvd copies!

Please check it out and enter today! The contest is open to anyone! Tell your friends!


You have until July 26th to enter!

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