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Name:K.I.T.T. Talk software.
Description:KITT-Talk uses the Dragons Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Control to let you talk with KITT. You can add own questions and link them to answerfiles, that contain at least one mediafile, that shall be played, if the question is recognized. You can add as many files as you want to each question, the program chooses one randomly. With Release Version 1.2 it is possible, to also add Videoclips and link them to an answer. So if you think, Devon has to call, let him call. KITT-Talk now also accepts Voicecommands in the following languages: German, English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spain. KITT-Talk is a Fan-Project, that can be used for free. To make it more easy for you to understand the capabilities of KITT-Talk, I also added an english version of the KITT-Talk-Page and a detailed english User Manual to my Webpage.