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 James KnightRider Page.  Hot Link!
Knight Rider was a TV series which ran from 1982 to 1986. It starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. ...the main attraction of Knight Rider was Michael Knight's car, KITT. KITT was cool because KITT talked. The series was even better because both Michael and KITT had evil twins. Garth Knight and KARR. You could tell that Garth was evil because he has a goatee. KARR, however, did not have a goatee... Here are some other cool KnightRider Pages HedgeHog's KnightRider Page...
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 Knight Realm  Hot Link!
All about the Knight Rider series
Added on:Wed Jun 4 2003, Hits: 4795 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider LED Lights  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
24 inches 48 RGB LED LED Scanner Strip Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote Control. They are commonly used for lighting up the under car body, under hood or the car interior for show purpose.
Added on:Thu Nov 10 2011, Hits: 1183 [ Report ]
 Polish Knight Rider Site  Hot Link!
The biggest Polish site about Knight Rider.
Added on:Fri Oct 27 2006, Hits: 4351 [ Report ]
 The Land of BigJim: Knight Rider.  Hot Link!
A totally awesome 80' Site of the Day! Devon will welcome you if you click on his head. Listen to or download the Knight Rider theme! Just click on Michael's head. Or you may want to hear the new techno version. Everything you ever wanted to know about KITT.
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