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 Advanced Designs in Automotive Technology  Hot Link!
Custom car parts from the tv show Knight Rider. The very best in realistic and functional technology. 1 TV dash and 2 TV dash systems, gullwing steering wheel, fiberglass front nose, electionics, scanner light bar
Added on:Sun Feb 24 2008, Hits: 5199 [ Report ]
 Knight Dreams  Hot Link!
From this site you will meet ordinary people who had a DREAM. To own a piece of television history. To actually own KITT or KARR. You will hear their stories, see their cars and find out what goes into making a replica of the greatest car ever created.
Added on:1/8/02, Hits: 6537 [ Report ]
 KnightLight.  Hot Link!
Based in Southern England, we can make a Knight Rider type scanner light for your car. It isn't the exact same as knight rider as I use LED's and not use power consuming light bulbs. This scanner light is made from any number of LED's in three colours and different brightnesses.
Added on:5/13/01, Hits: 12051 [ Report ]
 Mark's Custom Kits- Make your own TV prop replica car. 
Mark's Custom Kits. (Three actual Knight Rider 2000 vehicles parked next to each other.) Welcome to Mark's Custom Kits' Web Site!
Added on:5/13/01, Hits: emlo [ Report ]
 Show Quality Knight Rider Scanners  Hot Link!
A leading manufacturer of quality and excellence! Visit Lectric Enterprises for your Knight Replica Scanner needs.
Added on:Thu Nov 25 2004, Hits: 8747 [ Report ]
 Trabi77  Hot Link!
- only K.I.T.T. Parts - Page abaut Trabant / Trabi - Webside from Germany
Added on:Fri May 2 2003, Hits: 3576 [ Report ]

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