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 A Knight with the Viper  Hot Link!
Michael Knight and KITT must join forces with Thomas Cole and team VIPER, to defeat the greatest foes of the Knight Rider universe.
Added on:Tue Apr 5 2005, Hits: 2430 [ Report ]
 Beth C's fan fiction  Hot Link!
Hi!  Welcome to my Multi-Fandom Fanfic Page! There are many stories and plenty more to come!  Some of the stories are Adult in nature or Slash.  Please read all warnings and heed by them.  Anything rated G or PG is suitable for under 18!
Added on:Mon Feb 24 2003, Hits: 3220 [ Report ]
 Cbjam's TKR fanfiction - Fan Fiction portion  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
Below is the table of contents for the Team Knight Rider fanfiction I have written so far. I began writing as a continuation from the season finale of the TV series, with the only difference being that I excluded Michael Knight from it. Note that all of these stories are with Team Knight Rider, and not the original KR, and that Michael Knight will not be showing up in any of them, at least for the time being. I can, however, promise you KITT, and perhaps later KRO or KARR. Until then, sit tight.
Added on:Fri Mar 9 2012, Hits: 712 [ Report ]  Hot Link!
Brilliant web site that has all of the classic TV series and cartoons. Including Knightrider ateam airwolf etc.
Added on:Thu Mar 13 2003, Hits: 2261 [ Report ]
 KR2008 Alternate Pilot  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
This is an alternate version of the new KR show. Where K.I.T.T's new driver is a hot female jet pilot. For those who want something new that stays true to the original.
Added on:Mon Mar 12 2012, Hits: 798 [ Report ]
 Kile and Kasey  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
This is a combination of KR TOS and KR 2008. No mention of KR 2000 or Team Knight Rider. It also has my own AI and driver. Please enjoy!
Added on:Sat Jun 19 2010, Hits: 555 [ Report ]
 Knight Dreams  Hot Link!
Knight Dreams is a Knight Rider Fanfic Archive. Old & New fiction is encouraged to be posted, making it easy for any person new to the Knight Rider Fandom to find fiction to read!
Added on:Tue Mar 25 2008, Hits: 1868 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider 2000: The Fan Fiction Series  Hot Link!
A new shadowy flight set in the 21st Century!
Added on:Thu Jun 9 2005, Hits: 1804 [ Report ]
 jup's Knight Rider fan fiction page (Knight of the KAMO)  Hot Link!
Knight of the KAMO is the only true fan fiction that jup has written and it can only be found here. It's basically a story about a prototype that was abandoned during the days of KARR's construction. A freak lightning storm brings it to life, where it manages to cause havic with practically all of the Foundation's computers, sending Michael and KITT out to investigate. And, what they find is yet another key to Wilton's legacy.
Added on:Tue Jun 14 2005, Hits: 7125 [ Report ]

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