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 Dead Links ( 22 ) 
The Nineteenth Hole - A virtual graveyard for broken links.

 Incomplete ( 0 ) 
Web site entries that are *stuck* in the waiting room.

 Questionable activity ( 1 ) 

 Spam alert ( 1 ) 
Perhaps, a good website that's gone bad??? Beware.

 To Be Announced... ( 0 ) 
This is a special category for web sites that are known to be in a holding situation.

 Unresponsive sites ( 1 ) 

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 Knight Rider UK. - General Knight Rider  Hot Link!
Knight Rider UK, A New Age in Knight Rider offering a wide range of Knight Rider goodies and soon to host an exclusive download section for members!
Added on:2/4/03, Hits: 2972 [ Report ]
 Matthias D. Knoth - Knight Rider 2000  Hot Link!
Germans best Knight Rider 2000 Website.
Added on:Sun Dec 21 2003, Hits: 2865 [ Report ]
 Welcome to the Commercial Web Server.  Hot Link!
Welcome to! provides businesses and individuals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area with dial-up and dedicated Internet access, World Wide Web hosting and design services, software installation and training, and friendly technical support. We can help you understand the benefits and opportunities the Internet offers and establish your presence on it.
Added on:5/13/01, Hits: 1558 [ Report ]

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