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 By your command - KITT  Hot Link!
Earlier today, I posted the Greatest Picture, EVER! There was much discussion about Knight Rider, and I have wondered this all day: Am I the only person who was crestfallen upon finding out that the voice of KITT was not, in fact, the voice of the car, but was, in truth, the voice of actor William Daniels? When Bill was president of SAG, I had lots of meetings with him, because I am on the Board of Directors, and was part of our TV and Theatrical negotiating team. When I would have a meeting with Bill...
Added on:Mon Feb 24 2003, Hits: 3896 [ Report ]
 FLAG2  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
This site for the pictures and descriptions of all the AIs in my stories.
Added on:Mon Feb 8 2010, Hits: 862 [ Report ]
 International Superheroes: Knight Rider  Hot Link!
A website that gives general information about the classic Knight Rider series.
Added on:Sun Oct 5 2008, Hits: 1844 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider (18)  Hot Link!
Information on Knight Rider, how to build your own scanner, forum and many more...
Added on:Mon Mar 31 2003, Hits: 2496 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider Argentina  Hot Link!
El Blog del Auto Fantástico en ARGENTINA
Added on:Fri Aug 8 2008, Hits: 1132 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider DE  Hot Link!
The biggest Knight Rider website of the German speaking world.
Added on:Sun Sep 7 2008, Hits: 1315 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider Italia  Hot Link!
Most popular Italian site dedicated to Knight Rider
Added on:Sat Jan 22 2005, Hits: 2229 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider NL  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
A site about Knight Rider both in Englih and Dutch.
Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 2644 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider fan site  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
Knight rider fan site, pictures of Knight rider toys, K.I.T.T. Replica Need for Speed Knight rider cars, Knight rider PC Games
Added on:Tue Mar 29 2011, Hits: 632 [ Report ]
 Knight Rider: The Web Site  Hot Link!, your complete source of all things pertaining to the Knight Rider Universe
Added on:Wed May 5 2004, Hits: 2719 [ Report ]

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