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  • Rivai's security bypass code is Alpha-Delta-5-7-3
  • Michael calls one of the yellow robot arms "Katie"
  • As KITT leaves the Transport Plane, his license plate reads "TH 25F4"

A Knight in Shining Armor

season one
Original Airdate:
September 24, 2008
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IN THE SERIES PREMIERE, MIKE'S NEW MISSION BRINGS HIM FACE TO FACE WITH PEOPLE FROM A PAST HE DOES NOT REMEMBER- Mike and KITT are assigned a seemingly easy package delivery - until they realize the package is actually a man with vital top secret code decryption built into his DNA. The mission gets complicated when the enemies, including a mysterious woman, seem to know a great deal about Mike and a past he can't recall.


Guest Stars

  • Paula Garces
  • Mark Adair-Rios
  • Yorgo Constantine



  • Co-Producer Sara Fischer
  • Supervising Producer Sean Ryerson
  • Supervising Producer David Andron
  • Consulting Producer Philip Levins
  • Co-Executive Prodcuer Rob Wright



  • david b conway

    dear  knight  rider 2008  on line web  site , hi  my name  is david  conway  and  my comment,s  to  here is  that  i  just  herd  about  the  cancellation on  this  tv  show  my  self  i  do  feel  bad my   self  to ,  i  do  have  1  bad  habpit  of  my  own  just  by  having  a obess  with the  idea,s  for  kitt  just  from  the  original   knight  rider   and  to  the  new  verision  of  knight  rider   2008   tv  series  ,  i  wanted   the  new  kitt  just  to  have  the  morphy dansh broad   on  kitt  , and  to  have   the  new   kitt  to  do  the  wide legth  of  mustang   of  kitt  , and  the  option,s   can  still  fit  on  the  mustang   attack  mode , i  do  love  to  see  more  of  mbs  feature  on  the  new  kitt , on   and  off   switch and  my  last  idea   i  have  for  the  new  kitt  is  to  have  the  parsuit of slowing  down  the   car  as  well  , love  david  conway

  • Sonic2.0

    knight rider 2008 was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stefan Prinsloo

    From South Africa
    The first season was so awesome! How I wish the were more than one seanson...Are they going to produce season 2,3,4...?

  • LoneWolf4

    I don mind the new style. the action is cool. story plot seems to short. but if they second a season of this version. i hope blend the bit from 2000 where kitt was dismantled then had rebuilt into different car. in this i hope for the new camero, or customed body kit corvette. cus the mustang kitt is just terrible and is wonder they haven't made new season yet

  • Ryantan


  • Mildred32townsend1974

    As a long time fan of Knight Rider I would have to agree... I like the new knight rider... I didn't at first when I saw the car and the voice was different for the car plus David hasselhoff wasn't playing Micheal Knight I mean they were a match; him and KITT but I think who the got to play his son was a great pick.. He was cute just like David hasselhoff but I think they should have atleast kept the same car with the same voice since the guy who play the voice (Mr. Feeny from boy meets world) William Daniels was still alive..Please revise the show again and keep Justin Bruening to continue to play the part of Micheal Knight son.. It would be nice if the original Knight rider cast member Micheal Knight (David Hasselhoff) would make more of an appearence in the show and that they make the same car from 1982 series do the same as the movie that aired in 2008 do and change into different colors an shapes like they did in the movie.. Please bring the show back it was great!!

  • Nileshmanipillay

    nice want 2 see  new movie 2012

  • Tanyadp_

    We want a season 2. When will it be out?

  • Madeforhy

    yh the new knight rider is better because 
    -more technology (laser, EMP etc.)
    -a Proper Crew and a hideout(ssc)
    -more action and less cheesiness.

  • Midnight

    The new series of Knight Rider is more awesome than the original series. I grew up in the 80's and at that time the original Knight Rider was great. But at this age the new Knight Rider is a lot more better than the original. I just wished the series could have continued more. The great shows on tv get cancelled and the stupid shows on tv continue.

  • Midnight

    This episode was awesome.

  • Supergirl22593

    I know a lot of you are saying stop comparing the 2 knight rider but let me say this... we as fans of the original knight rider had high expectations for the new show but were sadly disappointed. For one thing Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT was a poor decision. Kilmer made KITT sound real boring and the episodes repeating themselves and they killed of characters and no family aspect to it at all.

  • Ana

    How you dare to say that?!?! the new KITT is so much better than the other!!! the whole show is better than the old one!!!!! and KITT's voice in this new show is AWESOME! and of boring nothing! he's so funny! if you're disappointed, go to cry to your bedroom and don't waste this page with your silly things! don't come here for  insult Knight Rider 2008 and annoy us! I respect that you don't like it, but then, for what you come here?!?! for say stupid nonsenses?! come on!! please!! next time, swallow your own words and get drowned with them, bitch! 

  • afonso34

    make more seasons please the serie its awesome and put to give in Portugal please

  • Swalvin

    when are they going to put the episodes on the site?

  • Jay Jay from NY

    I have Checked about 50 different places now, and I have noticed a common link. Everyone who was a "SUPER HUGE" fan of the original Knight Rider series hates the new one. The reason is because the new one deals more with technology and cars and less about damsels in distress and fighting overwhelming swarms of bad guys in lopsided odds. I have always been a fan of Knight Rider since I was young, and I look at intention as well as substance. The new show is GREAT, as was the original, but you cannot compare the two shows because they draw on two completely different aspects of life. Back in the 80's when the original Knight Rider series came out Michael Knight was a bad ass, and EVERYONE loved the show because they wanted to be like him. The new show is not so much focused on Michael this time around, but on the technology that Michael has at his disposal, and the things KITT can do as opposed to what Michael can do. The previous Michael was nothing close to a techie and he just kicked the crap out of people, where as the new Michael has to use technology more because times have changed. As for a second season... I am not 100% on this but I think they are done, at least for a while. Maybe NBC will allow Warner Brothers to to make a game based on the series as a whole and give it a US release as opposed to just a European release like they did for the PS2 Games that were made, and if they do exceptionally well they will pick up where they left off, but as of right now, I am left saddened by the fact that "Iceman" only gets one season to be KITT.

  • Sammy

    The response for Knight Rider 2008 was probably so poor that they eventually had to shutdown the new knight rider serious... Seriously, even in this times most of the TV Channels still play the Old Knight Rider.

  • skikkie94

    Whahaha!!! That face of Billy! I know for sure, the crew from the new KR laughing at that scene. They did that scene 50 times to renew for a good result!

  • Ajithjohn999

    Ya ! you cant compare the old series to the new one,but as the saying goes you should learn to change with the times.
    I have watched both series and I think those who are Knight Rider fans would keep asking for more.
    I am sure a new series would send ratings through the roof.
    Keeping Riding fans.

  • Luis Albertoquiroz

    I love this movie I'd like to see them all full all day for the rest of my life

  • Shelby3000

    The new Knight Rider series rock's!!! I love the Mustang Shelby!!! That's always been my favorite car!!! When comes the second season?!

  • guest

    when season 2 is going to come up???season1 was awsome

  • Harry

    the new kitt is waaaaoh. its at par with tech. those who want us to remain in 1980s are enemies of change, unappreciative and mentally-technologically-challenged! bring more and more and moreeeeee!!

  • I love it, But many of my friends and I would have more apreciated it if we could see the old KITT, all we have seen is the wheel, the engine and the body i think (it was a very dark scene). I love that show it is my favourite and i hope that there would be a season 2 and 3 and more. :D

  • David b conway

    dear   knight  rider on,line   web  site , hi  my  name  is  david  conway   and  my  comments  to  here  , i  just  love  to  see   second   season  of   knight   rider  2008   tv  show   again ,  love david   b  conway

  • Cees Pot

    when thos the new sesaon comming??

  • Choo

    Please can someone tell me if the show is coming back for another season. I have been reading on some site that it is not. Please could someone help me as I am a but confused now - is it or isn't it???? That's all we need to know.

  • Sudesh


  • Guest


  • Paaul Meyer

    I saw every episode of the old knight ridger and they were great. This new knight rider is just as good only a bit different. Times change and so do we. My wife and I want to see more new knight rider episode. BRINK IT BACK NBC.

  • Sir

    when is season two of the delays so far. series is very hard and I want to defend and season 2. I like very much this series

  • roukas4ever

    when will the season 2 be on in the web

  • Jan from Belgium

    Hello, I'm Jan from Belgium, 36 years old and I am really crazy about the Knight Rider 2008 series. I hope that there gonna come some more seasons of the new Knight Rider.
    The Knight Rider 2008-series are amazing good and there's got to come a next season or maybe more upcoming seasons...
    The car (Mustang) is a good choice for a new KITT. He's pretty cool. ;-)We're praying for a next season of Knight Rider 2008.
    Fingers crossed, ladies and gentlemen.

  • john2001

    I thought that the new knight rider was a good show and would like to see more no its not like the old show but it is better then team knight rider bye far and I thank they have a lot of room to go ether way now the they are back to just being knight instead of having the government involved

  • robertelles

    i hope that the serie will come on dvd ,i like itt very much, i feel young again ,

  • kasigian

    Nobody knows when it will start the second season?

  • viper3

    need more knight rider 2008

  • roliand

    i like the new Knight Rider and i want moooorrrrrrreeeeeee

  • NK2

    thats because you dont know the original series,knight rider 2008 is a lot of BS.

  • Knight rider 2008 FAn

    I knew the original knight rider and that was "B S "!!!!! in the new program is much better

  • crazychris45

    it is screwed up how the nbc stations shut down knight rider. it had alot of potential. and they F**d it up.

  • Vilo555

    The new Knight rider is the greatest film what i ever seen.... but i want more and more and more seasons..... I love knight rider 2008 .....

  • i like the new show very much iam 50 jears young and i feel young watching the new k.i.t.t.

  • lena

    I love the new version from "Knight Rider" .
    It's better :D
    The actors etc. :)

    i am from germany.
    i want a second season and a 3th and more.. ;)
    i love it.

  • Guest

    when will they bring it back i like watching it too

  • Wierka702

    This is strange. You say: "That's NOT Knight Rider". However it is never old Knight Rider. This is NEW KNIFHT RIDER :D Stop the comparisons. :D
    What about you now?

  • russedav

    Then you'll have to tell Justin Bruening to stop the comparisons because he himself, a great fan of the original, said he viewed the new Knight Rider as merely an evolution of the original. Regrettably, being of a younger generation, he doesn't appreciate how greatly our age has changed, not just the show.

  • Wes

    I could make fun of you and say "What is KNIFHT RIDER"?. But I won't, since the keys are right next to each other and typos do happen.

    Instead, I will insist on making comparisons between (old) Knight Rider and (new) Knight Rider.

    To me, your request is like asking me to not compare New Coke to Coke Classic.

    And in my opinion, the old is superior in both cases.

  • Sudesh

    New series is awesome. we really love it.
    Stop complaining as an idiot.
    We really like the new series. please bring the season 2 back as soon as possible.

  • Sonic

    u r right!! what whould season 2 look like?????????????

  • Wes

    Hated it. They turned Knight Rider into an action adventure series with fast (but retro) cars, beautiful women, lots of guns.

    That's NOT Knight Rider. Knight Rider was about being the Lone Ranger in a car. "A young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless".

    This show is all flash and no substance, like everything else that has appeared on TV and in Movies for the last 10 years.

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