Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • VJ

    Good episode. I watch the series on Netflix now but was a fan of the original series back in the day. David Hasselhoff has a very good voice and I enjoyed the songs in this episode.

  • Bálint Bárány

     Anybody can help me with the piano song's name, that Stevie played at the beginning of the episode when we saw Michael's memories? Thanks! :)

  • Eric Curto

    This was a pretty good episode, it feature a few tracks from David Hasselhoff's debut album "Night Rocker." The tracks performed are of course limited to the songs that Catherine Hickland(Stevie)sang on but they are good. I'm not a big fan of the song "Let It Be Me, " but the other two tracks are really good. As for the episode itself, I liked it, its of course an episode made to help launch Hasselhoff's music career, so we don't get the normal array of car tricks and stuff. This also serves as a sequel or continuation of the Season 1 episode "White Bird"

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Let It Be Me

season two episode: 41
Original Airdate:
May 13, 1984


Posing as a singer in a rock band, Michael looks for the connection between the former lead singer's "accidental" death and an encoded videotape found in his personal effects. (Band's name: Class Action)


Stevie March...........Catherine Hickland
Paul Brock.............Michael C. Gwynne
Barbara Bellingham.....Shanna Reed
Greg Noble.............John Patrick Reger
.......................Joseph Burke