Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • IIeBoy

    This was one of my favorite episodes from back home in London. I since moved to LA and realized the location of the F.L.A.G. test track is pretty near home! So I visited and took some comparison shots.




  • Guest

    Here is the link to my story ACID KNIGHT based on this episode.

  • Christopher Noppert

    4 friends & I run a facebook site called WE WANT KNIGHT RIDER 2008 SEASON 2. & among the stories we wrote, I wrote 1 called ACID KNIGHT based on this episode. Here's the link if you'd like to read it. & by all means if you'd like to join our group, please click request to join & we will add you to the group. Anyway here's the link to the story, lol.

  • Christopher Noppert

    Here is the link to my story ACID KNIGHT based on this episode.

  • Liz

    im crying just watching this

  • Guest

    Hi !

    NO! (KITT is nearly destroyed in an acid pit.).
    Do not worry, get away. :|

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    poor kitt.

  • Lrussell Las

    Poor KITT! I remember crying and wondering if this was the end of a great friend!

  • Supergirl22593

    I didnt like this episode at all but it taught a very good lesson that u cant give up on your friends

  • fan

    damn i remebmer that day when i saw this serie and that was very sad for kitt..

  • Pavel

    Je to super! díky USA

  • Devil_inside

    i remember crying like hell during this episode :) i felt sosorry for kitt :)

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Junk Yard Dog

season three episode: 55
Original Airdate:
February 3, 1985


Michael vows to nail the owner (Ramon Bieri) of a toxic-waste dump when KITT is nearly destroyed in an acid pit.


Fran...................Heather McNair
Voorman................Curt Lowens
Tori...................Kathy Shower
Zoormagian.............Alex Kubik
Stiles.................Jim B. Raymond
Chuck..................Louis Elias