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Through Knight Rider's four year run, only two women were privileged enough to get under KITTs hood. The job as KITTs mechanic is not an easy one, and this task in the second season fell to April Curtis.

Rebecca Holden, the beautiful actress behind the role of April Curtis, has had a successful career as an actor, singer and entertainer. To help celebrate the release of the second season on DVD this April, and our 10th anniversary this month, we were fortunate enough to speak with our April. Our very own Sith recently got a chance to talk with her.

Sith for Knight Rider Online: Hi Rebecca, many thanks for joining us.

Its over 20 years since Knight Rider first hit our screens, and to this day it remains on prime time TV in numerous countries across the globe. In addition, the millions of fans have also enjoyed the release of the series on DVD, the creation of new videogames, and a proposed new feature film. At the time, when you signed on for the second series of Knight Rider, did you foresee this level of enthusiasm would still be around after all this time?
Rebecca Holden: I think that whenever one embarks upon a project, you always go into it with the highest hopes that it will be successful, but I don't think anyone could have ever foreseen how fans have embraced the show, and that it would have had such longevity---and not only national, but international appeal.
KRO: How did you initially find out about the series? And what are your memories of landing the role?
RH: I had done so many shows as a guest star for both Universal and NBC that they were well aware of my work, so when this role as a series regular became available, they called me in to read with David for the producers. We had a great time doing the scenes, and by the time I got home, I had a call from my agent offering me the role.
KRO: A number of female Knight Rider fans looked up to April as a heroine. Did you base your performance on one of your own idols? And would you say April is similar to the real life Rebecca?
RH: In a time when there was a lot of "t and a", as they called it, on television, it was refreshing to play a character who was smart, intuitive, creative, and yet had a great sense of humor and never took herself too seriously. As for myself, I always loved school, was a straight A and honor student, and even as a kid, you could always find me with my head in a book. Like April, I was very near-sighted and wore glasses when not wearing my contacts. UNLIKE her, I must confess that I wasn't nearly as computer literate as April at the time; as a music major in college, my concentration was in the Arts. (However, I have since been forced to hone my computer skills out of sheer necessity!)
KRO: Obviously you got to work with David Hasselhoff at the time. How did you find working with him?
RH: I adored him. Besides the obvious (he is SO handsome and gorgeous!), he is a genuinely nice person. He was always so sweet to me and made me feel so welcome. He was also very giving and caring---especially to children. He would visit children's hospitals and was wonderful with the kids. I always knew he would make a great father one day.
KRO: And your other co-star Edward Mulhare, sadly passed away a few years back. What were your experiences like working with him?
RH: Edward was such a gentleman. In the make-up trailer, he would share stories with me of his time in the theatre in England. One funny thing I remember is that we had something in common: we both had fair complexions. Since David always had such a fantastic tan, the make- up artist would darken our faces and hands so that there wouldn't be such a differentiation in skin tones on camera. When we changed out of costume after shooting, Edward and I always laughed at our funny and very significant "tan lines" at our wrists and necks! He was a dear.
KRO: In one episode your character April Curtis actually got to drive KITT. Did you enjoy the experience? What was he like to work with?
RH: Yes, driving KITT was definitely a highlight! William Daniels, who was KITT's voice, is such a talented actor and gave KITT so much charm and personality that he certainly deserves so much credit for the popularity of the show. We should also acknowledge and show our gratitude to the marvelous stunt drivers who did all the jumps and dangerous driving which added so much excitement to the episodes.
KRO: Do you have any favourite moments from the series? Equally, do you have any treasured behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
RH: One of my favorite episodes was when April went undercover as a nurse. My mother and sister are both RN's and I have so much respect for the profession.

One of my treasured memories is that during my time at Universal, I was asked to serve as Mayor of Universal City, which is indeed an incorporated city unto itself. Such stars as Doris Day, Lana Turner, Rock Hudson and Janet Leigh had served as former Mayors in the old contract player days of the studio; Mr. Lew Wasserman decided to bring back the tradition and appointed me. Mr. Wasserman was truly a legend in this industry. I was in awe of him at first, but through the course of speaking at various studio functions (and always giving his introduction), lunching in the commissary as we hosted visiting dignitaries, and listening to his fabulous "show biz" stories, I came to know him as a treasured friend and a source of invaluable advice. In fact, what I probably remember most are the wonderful friends I made and the affection I had for all the cast and crew. On a weekly series, the hours can be quite long and you spend so much time together on the set, that they can become almost like a second family.
KRO: And what did you think to all the inventions your character came out with?
RH: That was probably one of the most appealing things about the character---her inventiveness, her optimism, and her sense of adventure in creating new gadgets to aid Michael and KITT in their fight against the "forces of evil". The challenge as an actress was that on a series, there are usually constant rewrites and improvements being made to the script. Many times I arrived early in the morning to make- up to find all new pages for my scenes---filled with made-up lengthy multi-syllabic technological terms--to memorize on the spot! But the challenges only made it that much more fun.
KRO: Sadly, for season 3 April did not return. Did you have an interest to continue in the role, or did you fancy moving onto new challenges at the time? Did you follow the series as a fan afterwards?
RH: Following my own inclinations, I would have probably stayed on the show forever! It was definitely a management decision; my managers were receiving lucrative offers for films and touring overseas. Young and naive at the time, I was probably more of a mind set to do as instructed. I think that with more knowledge and wisdom from life's experiences, I have come to be more in charge of my life and career. I went on to do films in the Far East-Japan and the Phillipines and toured all over Europe with my music, recording for BMG with both a pop/country as well as a gospel album. I have found great fulfillment in charity work---serving on the board of Operation California (for example, we took a 747 full of medical supplies into Africa during the Ethiopian famine)and as President of the Music City Christian Fellowship, as well as devoting lots of time to a number of children's charities. I have had the opportunity to meet fascinating people while acting as a spokesperson for various companies and hosting/MC'ing/performing for numerous functions and events. So in a nutshell, I feel very blessed and my life has been full. Although I've never fancied watching myself on the screen, of course I remain a tremendous fan of the show and everyone associated with it!
KRO: Do you still have any Knight Rider memorabilia?
RH: Yes, I still have a Knight Rider jumpsuit (like the ones April used to wear) that was custom made for me with a picture of KITT appliqued on the back, plus various Knight Rider jackets with my name on them. And of course, pictures---lots and lots of pictures!
KRO: Do you visit Knight Rider websites in your spare time? (just curious)
RH: Sure! Just to keep up with what's happening like everybody else. And I want to thank all of you that make this website possible, and for providing a place for fans to communicate with each other and stay informed of everything Knight Rider related.
KRO: A contentious issue for Knight Rider fans, is to the fate of your character after season 2. Some fan fiction works have actually envisioned her returning as a villain! However, in your own mind what do you think happened to April after her work at the foundation?
RH: For April to return as a villain, a complete character transformation would be required! I saw her as an honorable person of considerable integrity, who would always choose the moral high road. I admired her loyalty to her colleagues and her commitment to fighting crime along side them. I think she would continue her devoted work at the Foundation, maybe even stepping into Devon's position in his absence--- a true role model for young women as a successful female in a "man's world".
KRO: Since you left Knight Rider, I understand you've enjoyed quite a successful stage career. What projects are you working on currently? And can your fans expect to see more of you in 2005?
RH: I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the theatre---both musicals (starring in "Oliver", "Damn Yankees", etc.) and straight plays. I recently did a revival of "Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean" here in Los Angeles with Park Overall (from "Empty Nest") and Alana Stewart. We had a ball! I am now expanding my horizons as a writer and producer. I have acquired the rights to several true-life stories, done the research, written the treatments, and sold them to the studios. Wearing the hat of Executive Producer is proving to be one of my most fulfilling roles yet!
KRO: As we mentioned, the word is that David Hasselhoff is working on a new Knight Rider movie - and possibly a new TV series as well. Now we have to ask... have you been approached to resume your role? If not, would you still be interested in doing so?
RH: I've heard rumors of exciting plans, but nothing specific yet. Of course, I would be honored and flattered to participate, and it would be a thrill to work with David and KITT again.
KRO: As with most fan communities, we have a number of conventions and meets. Last year, Patricia McPherson visited the Knight Nationals. Would you be interested in perhaps attending in future, and meeting many of your fans?
RH: Of course! It sounds like fun, and I adore meeting the fans!
KRO: Finally, for all the thousands of Knight Rider fans out there reading this - do you have a message to give to them all?
RH: To the fans: I am deeply grateful to you for embracing the show the way you have and taking it into your hearts. I have many cherished memories of actually doing the show, and because of your enduring appreciation, I feel privileged to continue creating new ones together!
KRO: Thanks for your time Rebecca.

We would like to thank Ms. Holden for taking some time to speak with us. Be sure to check out her website to be up to date with all her latest apperances!
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