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Bonnie To Die In Season 5?

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:55 pm
by The Real Michael Knight
Now I know Season 5 of Knight Rider never became a reality, but I've heard widespread rumors that before the show was canceled that plans for season 5 were already under talks. And I heard the producers and writers wanted to kill Bonnie off in season 5. So does this mean season 5 was the supposed to be the last season? We'll never know since the plug was pulled in Season 4.

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:06 pm
by MKnightRider82
I can't think so. If they were going to do a fifth season, why would they write Bonnie out of the script? Unless Patricia McPherson wanted to quit and not come back. At the rate it was going in the fourth season, it was very obvious the plug was going to be pulled. Heck, Hasselhoff was wanting to leave when they were only making Scent of Roses. I don't think they planned to go any further once the last season started making those really corny episodes. What more could they have possibly done with KITT other than make him fly?

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:09 pm
by The Real Michael Knight
Well perhaps she was to have died in the series finaly in the supposed Season 5. I've just been hearing that on the net, but then again, its a rumor. But it caught my interest. Does anyone else have any comments about this? Has anyone else heard that rumor?

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:21 pm
by MKnightRider82
Why kill her off in the series finale if the show had lasted up to another season? She wasn't even in the last episode that did end the series. Bonnie was just someone who you saw in times of giving KITT his needed maintenance. That's probably why she was first seen in the second episode and last seen in the one before the final episode.

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:36 pm
by Joe Huth
Having talked to both Patricia McPherson and executive producer Robert Foster for the book, I can tell you that this rumor is completely FALSE. Knight Rider was cancelled in early 1986, so the crew still had 4th season episodes to complete. They knew far enough in advance that there was not going to be a 5th season. I've never seen any concrete proof of a fifth season storyline where Bonnie dies. Now if a script turned up....


Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 12:18 am
by The Real Michael Knight
So its all false? Man, I swallowed that rumor hookline and sinker.

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:44 am
by JL
Don't feel bad about falling for it; that rumor's been around for a long time.

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 4:49 pm
by Benjamin Knight
Well... Season 4 was the end :( Thats for sure... If Bonnie was to die in a final episode or near the end, I think that would reck the sence of completeness. A happy ended should be in order... They could get a lot of people in tears if they had Bonnie killed by a returning. Have KITT blow up... Maybe the semi will crash and Devon will die too. Oh and RCIII will have a biking accident. Oh and MK... He will fall up the stairs to the foundation and break his neck... lol... That would be so sad.. :cry: But kind'a silly :roll:

No that was just mean having a little fun... But that would be sad to watch.

Anyhow I feel that personnally that kind of ending to the show, or having Bonnie die would surely take its hit on the viewers...

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 5:00 pm
by ColeGrad01
It was sad enough seeing Devon get killed in Knight Rider 2000. Why kill Bonnie off in the actual show?

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:21 am
by The Real Michael Knight
I just wonder how this rumor got started. Sure has people thinking..It sure had me thinking. I mean how do you think Michael would take it? First Stevie, then Bonnie, that would be too much for him. Oh and KITT..God, KITT would probably go into some dark cave and shut down, or drive himself off a cliff and commit suicide. We all know KITT loved Bonnie like she was his mother.

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:55 am
by knightimmortal
It primarily got started from the same area that most fan fictions get born from: the imaginations of fans.


Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 8:43 am
by Knight Industries 3000
For all we know, Bonnie died sometime between the Knight Rider TV series and Knight Rider 2000.

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 11:40 am
by MKnightRider82
I don't think Bonnie died within the 14 years between the series and the TV movie. She probably just left the Foundation like Michael and was never called back. For some reason, they didn't have any need to get Patricia McPherson for the bogus future story.

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 12:35 pm
by knightimmortal
It wasn't about need, she dropped out of the acting scene for her environmental causes, and showed no interest for coming back then.


Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:56 pm
by btwracing
Wow. Did Hasselhoff really get that fed up with KR? Was he really ready to call it quits before Scent of Roses? This is news to me. I thought he enjoyed doing the KR series.

btwracing :shock:

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 1:00 pm
by 86chvs10
well i thought he was enjoying knight rider to. i guess he was not enjoying.

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:15 pm
by The Real Michael Knight
Last I hear Dave has been struggling to get a Knight Rider motion picture made. Maybe he was just fed up with the crappy episodes of season 4? Or, maybe him and Peter Parros didn't get along? I don't know.

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 7:26 pm
by knightimmortal
It wasn't so much that Hasselhoff was tired of Knight Rider, it was just the fact that the ratings had declined, and Universal didn't think it was profitable. In fact Hasselhoff didn't say much about wanting it to be over, but for the most part, the original writers had left, Jack Gill wanted to call it quits, and the ratings had nosedived a bit. Hasselhoff wasn't fed up, however.


Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 7:36 pm
by The Real Michael Knight
What I don't get is, if the ratings dived, how come KR became a huge success in syndication?

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 10:44 pm
by jup
I recall that this rumor was fuled BY the very finding of a "planned fifth season script." What was the name? "Girl's Knight Out", or something?

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 11:21 pm
by The Real Michael Knight
There were a couple of planned scripts I've seen that never got produced.

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 11:36 pm
by knightimmortal
Yep, but they were scripts that would have taken place within existing seasons, they were not produced after 85. (If I remember correctly)


Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2003 12:11 am
by Joe Huth
I have the script for "Girls' Knight Out". It was written for the 3rd season, but ended up be rewritten and eventually became season four's "Knight Behind Bars". Bonnie doesn't die in any version of that script. I also have two other unproduced KR scripts - "Endangered Species" and "Knight School" - Bonnie is safe in both cases there, too.