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Thanks for answers

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 10:30 am
Thanks for the answer ;-)

I remember another movies with you
For me you are great actor ;-) and scene in KR2000 was very cool

I have few Questions for you of course about KNIGHT RIDER 2000

As you know i am big fan of KNIGHT RIDER and KR2000 and D.Hasselhoff.

I`d like to know that David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare was nice for you on the set and do you think they are fiendly???

Some scenes was shooting in universal studios?

i read your message for me and you wrote that Chevy57 have some dash(screens and lights) but i`d like to know.Is that dashboard was the same like we see at the movie?

Who`s driving the chevy?David or stuntman??
Who exacly read KITT lines and how David hear KITT lines and you too?
KITT tell you about score on footbol?????
who`s talk this line?

Maybe you know what`s happened with this car after shooting?

Maybe you know where was shooting scenes with KNIGHT 4000?

I know that is boring but please answer me for question becasue i never talk with actor who was working on knight rider ;-) with KITT and David

maybe you have some pics with David and KITT??

In my country Knight Rider doesn`t have popularity and i don`t have gagets with this series and movie
found on some website dvd-Knight Rider behind the scenes

maybe in your contry you can get this dvd and send to me
of course i pay for this.

title of this dvd is "knight rider bloopers" or Knight rider behind the scenes

Thanks for all
maybe that was boring but for me is very important

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best regards for you and yor family

Michal from Poland

Sorry for my english as you know i still learnig and i am beginner

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 2:02 pm
by comets78
did u get to keep any of the props that were used in the movie? which car did like the best if u saw the series growing up from the series or the movie just wondering :)

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2003 10:39 pm
by 1Actor
Good questions folks, sorry my answers must be kinda short on much detail...

Edward and David were the two folks I spent the most time with, mostly because as a "featured player" I rode in the van to the set with them for the days I was there. Again, I was impressed that David would ride in the van rather than have a private car as some stars insist on.

I'm a bit reluctant to reveal some of our conversations, as they revolved around showbiz folk we had in common, and we gossiped some about them. Stuff that should not be bandied about lightly. I will say that they were BOTH very circumspect when discussing folks who had behaved badly on the show with them. Again, VERY classy.

Now on the set David was just plain fun. As I said, he made sure we took time not just with his shots, but mine as well. Between takes one time, I complimented him on his success in Europe with his music. Instead of gloating, he seemed truly grateful for the fan support, and understanding that his appeal didn't translate the same in the U. S.
He spoke of the difficulty to overcome labels here, but was accepting of the fact that he'd had a fairly good career to that point. (Remember Baywatch's tidal wave was yet to come.)

Edward was, for all his sophistication... a true geek about technology. At the time he had a Mac II and was fascinated as to my reports on my SE model. I gave him my contact info, telling him that I'd be glad to chat more with him about the 'puters. That happens a lot on sets, and most often, you don't hear anything... but to my delight, he called from California several times after shooting was complete, and we'd chatter on about modems and various programs. We even did remote hookups a couple of times to share info. Those were the days when you had to leave machines online for HOURS to transfer the simplest of items.
He always had good questions, and would also share with me what he heard from others he talked tech with.

As a "day player" who turned into a "weekly player" because of various scenes running long, and the production company having to keep my longer than they planned, I could have spent time watching other scenes, but that's considered "newbie" behavior and mostly you don't go to the set unless you know someone else in those scenes. I was gone before the wrap party. Indeed t-shirts and the like are handed out, but mostly to the crew and principle cast members toward the end of shoots. Again, I was gone from the set. The director, Alan Levi, was a very generous fellow and indeed invited me back, but I would have had to pay my way, an expense a "traveling actor" like myself had to watch!

Man would I like to have grabbed some props from SEVERAL movies I did! Wonder what I could have gotten for Kevin Costner's extra pair of glasses from JFK???

You folks should know that while David of course loved the "real" KITT... he was in love with that Chevy too! At one point as we waited for lights to be reset, he said: "ya know, we could take her down the road and see how she's running." Alan, wearing cans (showbiz talk for headphones) heard the comment over the microphone and beat a path to the door of the car: "please David! Don't even joke about that!" Standing outside I took a mock-serious attitude and said: "Back off there mister. This is an official investigation you're messing with!"
"Funny you two... real funny" David laughed and promised we wouldn't take any unauthorized road trips.
Fact is, those cars, for safety reasons have VERY little fuel in them and we couldn't have gotten very far!

Work takes me away for a bit... Sorry I didn't get the audio file done yet.

My favorite ride? Here's a picture of me (well ok my back!) on 'Beauty' my VTX1300. I travel the country with her and a ToyBox hooked up to my Sport Trac


Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2003 4:32 pm
by comets78
thanks do u think there is ever is going to be a knight rider movie would u work in doubt right:) how about a series? just wondering what your thoughts on the subjects