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Post by CB2001 » Sat Dec 13, 2003 1:17 am

Well, I know many may have not agreed with the idea of David Duchovny being Michael Knight. To be honest, at the time I created the site, I was worried that a lot of people wouldn't get what I was doing. I casted David Duchovny for the role as my interpretation of Michael Knight, how I saw Michael in my head while reading the summary from Michael's page, listening to soundwaves and playing MPEG clips. Sure, everyone knows Michael as the take-charge playboy with a kick@$$ car, who knows how to keep his cool. What I was trying to go for was a reminder of a fact in the myth of Michael Knight, which is that he is just a normal man. But you have to keep in mind that Michael was forced into being Michael Knight. He didn't choose to be it. He slowly became the kind of character we believe him to be. Not many people have seen the Pilot episode, but do know that he was a man who had his identity changed. If you haven't seen the Pilot episode or barely remember it, Michael was wanting to leave way before he was introduced to "the Knight 2000". His exact words were, "I just want to get on with my life." Isn't that how anyone in his position would be? I chose Duchovny for two reasons:
1. He brings in that "I want to get on with my life" kind of personality that I believe Michael had in the beginning (which is a bit whiny at times) and make a realistic performance of getting adjusted to what it is he is doing.
2. His performance in "Playing God", which I thought was his finest works ("Tonight, I said to myself, 'I will not get high.' I might just as well have said to myself, 'Tonight, I will not breathe.').

As for why I chose Angelina. I give you three reasons:
1. "Hackers"
2. "Girl, Interrupted"
3. "The Bone Collector"

If you've seen those films, then you know about her performances in them.