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Knight rider comedy

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:26 am
by Knight Racer
Last night Doug from the forum and I were coming up with the funniest comedy skits for the knight rider if it were a returning series as a comedy. Let's face it, Hollywood is taking everything we loved growing up and twisting it to make a joke. We started off with how we kill off the main hero jokes.

1.kitt gets hacked lasers Michael's metal plate out of his skull. You see Michael from the back and kitt faces michael, the metal plate gets laser cut out and you see it fall to the floor with his afro perm still intacts. He then falls tonthe floor.

2. Michael reads an email on Kitts monitor. Kitt has been upgraded by Bobbie and now finally has an aol software. You hear the famous "You've got mail" sounds clip. Michael reads the email that says his insurance rates are going up because of how many accidents he's had. As he's reading it, Garthe knight cross the intersection at a red light while he uses his actual cane from the first episode. Michael and kitt run hom over by accident.

3.Karr is now a police car and pulls kitt over. Prints out a ticket from his side vent for imitating a police and emergency response vehicle with the red scanner light Karr the putt putts off because he's now an electric car with solar panels.

4.Michael is in the hospital for an appendectomy. Kitt hacks the hospital computer using E. R. M. A. From season 2 race for life and rescheduled Michael for a new surgery. Michael wakes up to find out hes had breasts implanted. Bonie makes him a black bra that's covered with the molecular bonded shell or shells now.

If you guys ever had a funny idea for a knight rider comedy scene, jump right in.