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Miniatures question.

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:09 pm
by phillev231069
Hi all I've been watching KR again and this morning I put on the Kittnap episode and just have a question regarding the car park jump, now I'm sure it was filmed with a miniature Kitt but at one point as you see the rear of the car there is a plane flying from left to right that you can see for a moment and I was wondering if they could film a real background while still having the car as a miniature back then? I understand they had all manner of tricks but I've never noticed anything going on in the backround on other turbo boosts when models were used and some just looked awful especially out of the woods when Kitt looked like he had been covered in twiglets 😁. That's the only problem with better TV's it shatters the illusion! Still love the show though even at forty eight and the rapport between Kitt and Michael was superb. Roll on a decent reboot.