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Knight Rider Watch Faces

Post by Knight Racer » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:28 am

I bought a Samsung Gear S3 Classic a few weeks ago. It's a fun gadget. I was buying a few watch faces and surprised to find a few comn links and a bunch of knight rider watch faces in the tizen store and the app called Facer. After a few weeks, I found them dull and boring and was surprised to find out Samsung released a watch face designer program. I found Nick Nugent's scanner in my artwork collection I've collected over the years but it needed an animated scanner for it to be worth putting on the Gear S3. I was able to use a season 4 kitt modulator and found a great 3 line gif bar graph gif I had to convert, split frames into the proper format, and lay over the s4 voice modulator like a background and a cartoon. I contacted my good friend Nick Nugent and he was able to get me a animated scanner to put over the scanner bay much like a cartoonist uses a background image and frames for the characters motion. this is the first time we see the scanner move on Nick's scanner artwork. Here are the results:

attempt 1: scanner was way too fast:

Attempt 2: I was able to get the season 4 dashboard and photoshopped the meters out. I was able to sue the watchface designer to install the batter power meter, the step counter, and the heart rate sensor in place of kitt's instrument readouts.

Attempt 3: Season 2 voice modulator background, 3 line bar graph I found online, and with Nick's animated scanner

Attempt 4: For this final watch face, I thought what if Kitt lost his body and his entire AI would have to be installed into the Samsung Gear S3 much like soul survivor and that portable television set:

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