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Hoff The Record

Post by Knight Racer » Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:21 pm

I just noticed the last few hours of the weekend that Hoff the Record was added to Netlix. I could have watched a 2 season marathon and didn't know it was available on Netflix until the end of the weekend. I'm only on episode 5 and I'm already laughing my ass off at this show. There are 2 seasons to see. and yes, they poke fun of kitt with a messed up replica as well. In fact David uses the line It's funny I never ran out of gas on Knight Rider, ever."

I did notice something funny SPOILER ALERT: In the second episode, David's illegitimate son is wearing a jacket that looked so incredible familiar and then it dawned on me, Season 3 premiere, Knight of the Drones. The few times that he is seen without his iconic black leather jacket.


I know similar but not exactly the same. It isn't the only familiar jacket that makes an appearance.

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