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Knight Rider porn spoof

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:26 pm
by EdwardKnoxII ... flick.html

British heritage site used to film 'Knight Rider' spoof porn flick

Written by: Leon David

London, Oct 13: Volunteers and trustees of a beautiful heritage site in England are furious that the spot was rented out as a location for a porn film in a bid to raise funds.

Scenes from adult movie, 'Tight Rider,' were filmed in the warren of tunnels at Amherst Fort, Kent, which were built to help defend Britain's shores from Napoleon's rampaging army.

The X-rated film is an erotic spoof of 1980s classic TV series 'Knight Rider' starring porn stars Natalli D'Angelo and Mark Sloan, the Daily Mail reported.

It follows the explicit antics of "America's finest undercover agent" Michael Tight, who spends his time taking down criminals before having sex with lovers.

The new film has caused outrage among those who say it is stopping people from donating vital funds - because they no longer think the fort needs the cash.

It is thought Playboy TV paid 1,200 pounds and spent 10 hours filming in the historic tunnels that run throughout the fort.

Confusion also surrounds who allowed the production crew into the public heritage site.

It has been claimed that former chairman of the Fort Amherst Heritage Trust, Martin Rogers allowed the film crew in, but he has since resigned from his position.

The filming was slammed by trustee Matthew Hill, who is now calling for a full investigation to be carried out.

"I think it's absolutely appalling. There must be far better ways of raising funds through filming rights and I do support a full investigation which I have urged the new chairman to carry out," he said.

"I am aware of one private donor holding back as a result of this. Different people have different views, but personally I think if you want to film porn, do it in a warehouse or wherever they do it.

"I would not allow porn to be filmed on Chatham Maritime Trust's land. I would like to stress that I only accepted the post of trustee in the middle of August and only became aware of this filming a few weeks ago," he added.

The fort, owned by Fort Amherst Heritage Trust, was built in 1755 to protect Chatham Dockyard.

But it never saw combat and was declared obsolete in 1820, although its tunnels were used in the Second World War.

More recently, it has been a widely-loved tourist attraction, described by English Heritage as the most complete Napoleonic fortification in Britain and is a key part of Medway's World Heritage Site bid. (ANI)

Re: Knight Rider porn spoof

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:35 pm
by EdwardKnoxII
Here's another site talking about it with pics and clips that are safe for work. ... ess-25810/