Knight Rider 2008 Series on Blu-Ray!

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Knight Rider 2008 Series on Blu-Ray!

Post by neps » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:08 pm

Comes out next month in Japan via Amazon Japan!

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This is the Google Translation of the decription:
■ finally revived TV series "Knight Rider" that masterpiece!
Car Action masterpiece works over TV series in years 1982 to 1986, will be broadcast in the United States, gained very popular in Japan, finally revived after the time!
■ start broadcasting in Japan!
TV broadcasting in three major U.S. network NBC in February 2008. Start broadcasting from the date of January 16, 2012 at Fuji TV in Japan!
DVD & Blu-ray is the full uncut video at the time of Japan Broadcasting Corporation has been cut that was recorded.
■ dub version of a must see!
The Japanese dub of (David Hasselhoff), Mr. Isao Sasaki was carried out even dub "Knight Rider" Knight founder Michael has appeared in a special "introduction".
KNIGHT3000 to (kit), Mr. Akio Nojima was responsible for the dub but KNIGHT2000. Mr. Hirata Katsushige dub translation,
align the strongest lineup to appoint a tag in the series again and his previous directing Tsuboi positive! [STORY] Dr. Gureiman have developed a system "Prometheus" defense of the United States, was attacked by an organization called Black River. It was entrusted with the data that is KNIGHT3000 special car equipped with a high-performance artificial intelligence, KITT (aka Kit). To express the original KITT is the daughter of Dr. Sara is approaching crisis of the attack, to rescue her at the nick of time. In addition, KITT had also been programmed to go to for help to a person by Drs. It was Mike Tracer, the son of Michael Knight -. Now, in the world wriggle and criminal conspiracy, a secret desperate mission begins! [Bonus] Includes Bonus limited cell BOX to DISC1. / Collection staff interviewed by NG scene, shot off, and cast a lot of action scenes / "Knight Rider" and tell staff / cast to KNIGHT3000 from KNIGHT2000 about the evolution of the super-rich enjoy rare footage, such as deep · · ·, a series will be recorded! [Staff Cast] [Cast] Kit role (Knight 3000): Val Kilmer (Akio Nojima) role of Michael Knight: Justin Bruning (Noriyuki Akira Tanzawa) role Sarah Gureiman: Dian'na Russo (Chiaki Kano) Billy Morgan : Paul Campbell (Kazuki Nakao) Zoe Choi role: Smith Cho (Alisa Shida) Charles Gureiman role: Bruce Davison (Kazumasa Takemoto) role of Alex Torres Yancey Arias (Takuya Sato) Carry Revival role : Sydney Tamia-Powache (Yuko Kaida) <cast> Special role of Michael Knight (the first): David Hasselhoff (Isao Sasaki) [Staff] Executive Producer: Glen Larson · A · Producer: Dave Andoron, Gary Scott Thompson Directed by: Steve Sill Screenplay: Dave Andoron, Glen Larson · A · Fuji Television Network / Pony Canyon [Publisher] . Film (c) Universal Studios All Rights Reserved two thousand and twelve.

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Re: Knight Rider 2008 Series on Blu-Ray!

Post by Pierre » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:22 am

any news for an international version?

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Re: Knight Rider 2008 Series on Blu-Ray!

Post by Lurch Knight » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:51 am

will that version work in the US? I have a 1st-gen PS3 that will play any disc I put in it, so far it has anyway, unlike the newer PS3's which aren't as backwards-compatible.
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