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KnightRider fan ficts

Post by T.A.H.O.E. » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:13 pm

Hi all, this one is for the moderators of the site, fans & other strange life forms who fancy a fantasche' vunderrkarr.

I recently finished scribing a KR fanifction story that is ( to say the least) spanning/covering a few other shows,
characters who were plucked via crossover mode in my creative little brain & added to the KR variation story I wrote. I kept it very steeped in the universe of KR & used the biggest array of Characters from Knight-Rider
( Devin,Bonnie,April ,Michael KITT/KARR/Wilton,etc) along with some classic characters from a movie or two & a few shows of vintage/Classic TV ( and had great fun in the looooonnnng labored process of writing= 2.3 yrs )
coupled with real ife stars ( given a gracious tip of the hat to em!) and other real life folks I know personally!

I''ve already put it to disc & it be ready to go here for y'all but I gotta work on a disclaimer ! to keep my butt outta trouble, alas I wrote the story but did not attach a disclaimer to the cd/disc. ( "DAMN !"--KARR ) soooo, HELP!

I wanna see it put here for all to enjoy....

2. I'd love to have a copy of KARRs scanner sound ( no voices) just like the Robot B-9 full size replicas ( Lost In Space)have sans the voice of Dick Tulfeld-r.i.p. all the operations /function sounds as they were released for any replica build. as was the engine sound of the Jupiter 2, the original Batmobile, BOTH the bridge sounds of the Starship Enterprise & it's engines,alarms,weapons firing....all put to cd for purchase in the late 80s/thru the 90s...

Who would not want KARR...? I would...? Hewas just mis-understood,niave & a lil reprogramming coulda saved him...I luv his scanner sound too....I'd love a copy of it.

3/fini Why did KITTS TURBINE sound at start-up & often while zippin along get changed-? --writers was soooooo cool ! & I'm sorry, the 'stang just did not have the KITT-IT factor...a black sporty 2 dr Grand-Am-gt
would've looked sooooooo much better ( r.i.p. Pontiac) !!!!!
" Silence....we have an intruder... "

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