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F/S Last of the Sason 2 lower console template w/buttons

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:47 pm
by 1batt4u
Hi all,

So I have been cleaning out everything I have, KR stuff. Holding on to little things. Like I have mentioned, out of a job, need the money, and also money to start the new projects, like the Billet Aluminum Shifter!

These are my very last Season 2 Lower Console Temlates with buttons/switches! I had 3, sold 1, 2 left!!

Since I had some other stuff Matte Black Anodized, I had these last 3 templates Matte Black Anodized, instead of the usual powder coating that I do. They came out great, except that when anodizing you can easily see and imperfections. I had them sanded down and smoothed, but needed more work. Not that bad though.
So you get:
1 Matte Black Anodized 1/8" Template with fasteners installed on the bottom. - $50
4 rocker switches - $50
12 colored push buttons - $80
16 key caps, just the key caps with decals on them - $20
I ran out of the key pad units, just have the key caps. You can use an old keyboard or something. The key caps have the "+" in the back to install to the correct buttons.

I have 2 sets of the A, B, C, D key caps, and 1 set of the Insert, Delete, Clear, Enter

Tell me which you want. First come, first serve!!!

Selling for $200 each, and that is cost price!!!!!



PM me for those interested!!

Thank you!!