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about the Location threads

Post by neps » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:34 am

I wanted to thank everyone that has been so passionate about finding locations from Knight Rider, it's been so amazing watching the crafty ways you identify locations long lost, or hunting down on Google Maps for a glimpse of something familiar. It's really crazy amazing!

A few of us have been working behind the scenes to build you an area in the forum that would be more supportive of your endeavors. To start, we've built our a dedicated area on the forum, specifically for locations:


Inside you'll find sub forums for each series, and then threads within for each episode. Hopefully this will help us organize a bit better and keep the discussions focused. To start I've merged the threads from House of the Rising Son and the Comtron building into the Pilot thread.

This isn't the only thing I hope to do, but it's a start - going to try and add Google Map support into the forum so maybe we can have a more interactive experience right here. Please let us know if you have any ideas!

A special thanks goes out to Joe Huth and Matthew for helping to build the area with me. Also wanted to give an extra shout out to Joe, a fine Knight Rider Historian - who's been finding these locations as well as original artifacts for years and years. He kindly accepted being a Moderator for the Location forum, but please don't hold that against him!


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Re: about the Location threads

Post by Mark J.Cairns » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:56 pm

Super idea Neil. :good:

That's what happened a few years ago over on the dot TV Airwolf forum as "Chairwolf's" Location Guide was becoming too big in its own right. It's a seemingly endless past-time and pursuit and it's very interesting to us in the super-vehicle sister community to see you guys enjoy finding locations for the show, many of which were overlapped with ours.

The cool side effect of it all is the growing trend in TV tourism and I can certainly tell you that Chairwolf's guide has inspired quite a few people already to make the trip over to Cali to see these locations in the flesh, so to speak, and the pleasure that that has brought to many, making their holiday/vacation a themed trip like this is the wonderful spin-off from all the hard work and research in cataloging our favourite shows.

I wish you my best in growing the Location section even further and inspiring more folks to 'make the trip' for years to come.
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