THANK YOU from KnightCon

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THANK YOU from KnightCon

Post by stevefawcett » Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:41 pm

hey everyone we would first like to say WOW!!!

We are very proud of what we achieved this year, it took lot of organising from video messages to providing artwork for the huge new venue right down to the guest vacations and attendances.

thank you firstly to our 4 Guests, who gave their time and traveled a huge distance to spend time with us:

Rebecca Holden
Peter Parros
Mike Scheffe
and someone called Michael Knight.. David Hasselhoff!!

We are very thankful to all our guests and to David who as you all know was in South Africa and flew in to be at the event because it means a lot to him, he was incredibly gracious, nothing was too much trouble for him! and gave as much time as possible to sign and meet as many guys in amongst the madness of the day. To have 3 of the remaining 4 cast members together was just amazing, and together one more time in the semi set was mind blowing! to see David and Peter reunited was simply fantastic!

Mr Scheffe wowed the audience with a behind the scenes talk and as usual was the fantastic guest we all know and love, he is part of the UK Knight Rider family and always welcome.

We would like to thank ALL car owners, from KITT owners, to TV and film car owners, to all the amazing american cars who travelled from across the country and the incredibly distances from all over Europe to make the day very special, and huge thank you for the people who flew in from all over the world including the great guys from the Netherlands Knight Rider forums and the very friendly Knight Rider Italia crew! we very much appreciate it!

Thank you so very much to our 2 sponsors, Mr Jim Rennison and Knights of England for their backing and support throught the whole event!, and to all guys who helped on the day from this very forum. You guys and gals are stars! and we could not do this with out you!!!

We all looked very smart on the friday night and the pictures will hopefully be in the Yorkshire life magazine, and special thanks must go to Chris jones and his guys for heading security all night.

Also thank you to the amazing cast and crew who sent messages, including the beautiful Catherine Hickland who very kindly said about the event that "no one does it better!" thank you Cat!

It is also heart warming to see Rebecca Holden posting that it is the best event too on her facebook.

Thanks once again to the film crews including Wes Martin and Chris Jones. and special thanks must go to Rob C, who's help from building sets, to organising building the whole display area, to taking nearly 2000 photos on the day, and simply for being an amazing guy on the day, as without Rob C, logistically knightcon probably would not happen! so thank you Rob!!!

We have never had so much press before, it has been amazing! from double page spreads in Yorkshing post, to full slots on real radio, to features on ITV's Calander, to a 6 page feature pull out in the Castleford express!

A Huge thank you must go Wes, and all at Cloud Bay Studios! your crash through scene was simply amazing and made such a great impact at the event!!

of course we cant forget the amazing costume groups who entertained us all day! The Doctor who display, the R2 builders, the UK Garrison, The Novare Alliance, and everyone else that attended in costume, and of course Batman! who kept nearly passing out with the heat! you were all amazing collecting for charity! and we cant thank you enough!!

A massive thank you must go to Xscape, Dan, Tony and all the guys were beyond belief and nothing was too much trouble!!

and without doubt the biggest thank you goes to ALL who attended Knightcon and who have supported us! you guys are the ONLY reason knightcon happens!

we sincerely hope you all had a great day!!! event can make a difference..

Rob and Steve ... ?sk=photos

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Re: THANK YOU from KnightCon

Post by Alex » Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:20 am

Congratulations, Steve.

I liked seeing their photos with actors David Hasselhoff and Peter Parros in a fraternal embrace, because it was very beautiful.

Only lack is the Patricia McPherson, because she is better!

Thank you.


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Re: THANK YOU from KnightCon

Post by Ben_KNIGHT » Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:46 pm

Steve, we've had an amazing time!

Thank you and Rob for organizing this HUGE event!

All the best and maybe we meet next year!

Ben (from Holland)

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Re: THANK YOU from KnightCon

Post by tigersharka » Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:00 pm


You worked hard and it paid off. Having the cast reunited was a major plus! :good: :good: :good:

I look forward seeing you and the UK fans in Las much to do, and it will be amazing!

May 16-17, 2014 Las Vegas, NV
"Only Las Vegas"

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