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Knight Rider promo

Post by Ben_KNIGHT » Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:32 pm

Hi everyone!

How are you doing?! I need your help with a video I'm editing. It's a promo for the Dutch Knight Rider meeting.

Michel Hageman, a friend of mine who owns a 2nd season KITT replica, helped me by putting the pedal to the metal and this youtube clip is the first result:

So now, the second result should be the teaser for the Dutch KR meeting. And to bring a little humor in the clip we let Michael and KITT drive by a speed camera on their way. We want KITT to say something like: "Look out, with your driving we'll definitely get a speeding ticket!" It would be great if that's William Daniel's voice saying it. That's why I need your help! Do you know a scene in the original series where KITT and Michael discuss a speeding ticket or the speed they are driving... Maybe I can use that sound-clip for my promo-clip. :idea:

Hope y'all like the video and are willing to help me! :)

Thanks and greetings from Holland!


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