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82' T/A Knight Rider shifter Knob Mod

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 1:39 pm
by 1batt4u
Hi all,

I've had the 82' shifter knob for awhile. Knob, button with plastic rod, and retaining clip. I was trying it on my 1989 GTA/KR. I wanted to know how one would change this around?? With the "T" shifter the plastic rod can not pop out, but I was wondering, once the 82' knob is fitted in, how do you prevent the plastic rod with button from just coming right out?? Does anything else hold that part in??? Any and as much info needed on this!! I would really appreciate it!! Also pictures, and pictures of a stock shifter. I want to see how high up the button goes when in Park!

Thank you!! :D