Marvel's heroes

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Marvel's heroes

Post by Clare82 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:07 pm

Hey guys :)
I was wondering if anyone wanted to discuss Marvel films/movies/heroes?

Thor 2 is suppost to be released in a few months...I thought the first one was great but i'm not sure about the sequel from looking at the trailor.
Thor 2 trailor:

A second Captain America is being filmed and is to be released next year. No trailor yet but rumor has it that Captain will be teaming up with the Black Widow. I never really liked her myself (found her a bit cold). I liked the first CA though I found the ending incredibly sad :cry:

Iron Man 3 was released a couple of months back. Haven't seen it but looking forward too it!
The first Iron Man is my favourite Marvel film to date (Stark/Iron Man is also my favourite Avenger) but I haven't seen them all.
Here is a great tribute page for it by one of our users! Tells you all you need to know without spoiling the plot!

Of course there is also The Avengers: Assemble. I loved it. The characters' banter and the fight between Thor and Hulk was pretty awesome! A second Avengers film isn't planned for release until 2015.

So, who's your favourite Marvel hero? What do you think of the films (new and old!)? Who would you like to see in the second Avengers? And which Marvel character(s) do you think deserves their own film?
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Re: Marvel's heroes

Post by Knight Racer » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:24 pm

I was never a huge Thor fan and haven't seen it util I finally saw it on streaming Netflix on a boring afternoon.I was surprised how much I liked it.I'm interested in seeing how they can top it in the sequal.

I think there's some romantic connection between those 2 in the ultimate avengers cartoon movie.I can see how there's common ground between those as they are both soldiers who follow orders very strictly.Scarlet Johansen was cold in the avengers movie.

I loved seeing iron man 3.It was the first time it was more about the man and less about the armor.The armor in that movie mark 42 looks like they got the color scheme from the 80's battery operated robot toys.

I read about the avengers sequal that Thor wasn't interested in doing it because he hated the diet he was on to pull off that look.Some of the actors are reluctant to reprise their roles again.

I grew up loving the incredible hulk because he was the strongest hero there ever was.Howver the personality of Tony Stark is just too funny and I do like the armor.

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