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New & Searching for Wisdom

Post by sgtyoung » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:08 pm

Hello all fellow KR fans,

The name is Nathan (age 31) from Beaver Falls, PA and I acquired a future KI2T car. It is an 66,000 mile 1982 with the Crossfire 305, PMD seats, power everything except door locks, auto tranny, T-top and is already solid black, though the paint job is some 20 years old and will need re-done. I purchased the car in Alliance, Ohio and drove it back to PA. The car is missing the original turbo cast rims and caps, but all else is there. The interior is grey, but that is an easy change.

Like everyone else here, I grew up with KR as my favorite show of the 80's (and Bonnie as my favorite lady). I have owned two Blues Brother type Bluesmobiles and sold one to Illinois recently to buy this Trans-Am. I won't give an exact amount for the purchase price, but I will say that I paid less than $3,000 for the car. My other Bluesmobile is at the end of its life and will be parted out soon with the money going to fix and paint my future KITT.

Here is the reason I bought this car - I volunteer with a 25 year old not-for-profit child safety and education program based upon Knight Rider and the ONLY program of its kind in the entire world!! It is also the ONLY program I know of that has ever actually been endorsed by David Hasselhoff! We have also recently made contact once again with KR Prop Coordinator Steve Whiteside, who has offered his support of this extremely valuable program. It is called the Sgt. Glenn Young Child Safety Program (here is a Facebook link: My Trans-Am, once converted, will be joining this program as an advocate for child safety. This program just recently finished filming two new commercials (one with music legend Charlie Daniels) and I will link to those for all of you as soon as they are ready. Since I am currently unemployed (thank you United States economy) and volunteer with this program, I will be building my KITT on a very strict budget and that is where I am hoping many of you will eventually be able to guide and assist me. This car will be benefiting the kid safety program and in no way are any of my plans with it for personal gain or benefit. I plan to own this car forever, and will be using it with all of the community work I do throughout the year (which is more work than I care to admit sometimes).

There are several pictures of my Trans-Am here:!/alb ... 0469045908. Pics of the engine will be coming soon. I am hopeful that I have come to the right place to get questions answered as I begin the long task of trying to get this car converted. And I don't plan to waste any time so here is my first question - is there any business that anyone is aware of in PENNSYLVANIA, or nearby PENNSYLVANIA, that can assist with either restoration work or conversion work for this car? I know that I'll probably be contacting Colie at Advanced Designs for some parts. This child safety program has a history with Rob Louisell in regards to a conversion he did on an 84 Trans-Am around 1990 and as such, I will most likely not be seeking his help.

I'm looking forward to becoming one of the regulars on this forum like I was on a forum on when I had my Bluesmobiles. Thank you all for allowing me to introduce myself and I am excited about sharing with everyone my journey that will help show how One Man CAN Make A Difference.


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Re: New & Searching for Wisdom

Post by Joe Huth » Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:17 pm


I am quite familiar with this program and I have spoken to Sgt. Young in the past. I live about 45 min north of you in Butler. I am building a highly detailed KITT replica and would be willing to assist you in any way that I can. My 82 T/A also has the Crossfire FI.

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Re: New & Searching for Wisdom

Post by Rob Louisell » Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:03 pm

Nathan, You must have misunderstood my e-mail. I said I would help you with your car as I did for Sgt Young in 1995, but with updated parts.

This is what you stated to me:

I have desired a KITT car since I was 6 and now it appears as if my dream may finally come true. I look forward to working with you as I make this come true and again, I truly thank you for your time and any assistance you may be able to provide.

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