why does it take so long to make a KNIGHT RIDER MOVIE?

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Re: why does it take so long to make a KNIGHT RIDER MOVIE?

Post by ThomasKnight » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:25 am

There is a very short way to do the movie right and successful. Transforming the design and technology the 21 century and further into the future and kepping the original elements and ideas in the highest respect.
KITT and Michel are icons today like R2D2 and Three 3PO, not camp car and camp driver. There is much more behind Knight Rider than you can see in the original series. The hardest difficulty is the time gap between 86 and today, big change happened since then. So that is part of the short line, but not impossible to make it good for everyone. In 82 the creators started to walk on that narrow road and the have made it and become succesful, but the complete success was coming only in present days, because in that time people weren't ready for that tecnology, it wasn't there, so it was more likely a fantasy to them. Today is different, cause we have all that tecnology (exept turbo boost and spm) on a more adwanced level, so the creators have to make that revolutionary vision again, like they make it in the 80's. It's not easy. There is a big road, where they can make it wrong, like NBC did with KR08. So one of the key elements for the succsess is the respect for the original knight rider mythology. Othervise it will be camp car and driver comedy movie.
So "Good luck" to the creators and "be careful" about the movie making to make it right :good:
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