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Episode Help..

Post by Aydann. » Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:09 pm

Hey! Well I'v watched most of the 2008 Knight Rider Episodes (Season 1) on channel Fiver. A few Episodes ago, Knight Industries Closed as Charles Died. Will Most of the Team gather in the SSC again? Or will it just be ran by the 5 of the Main Characters.. I supose it looked kind of Better before Charles Died as it looked more Realistic with all the Engineers etc. So will Knight Industries Re-Open up with all the Engineers etc?

And, I'v recently Just watched the Episode where the Company "FLAG" was mentioned.. I didn't quiet understand the End of it though.. Did the "Gang" decide to change the Name from Knight Industries to Flag or..?
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Re: Episode Help..

Post by WIBoomer1 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:45 pm

It's the holiday season, so working within the spirit of the season...

Michael, Sarah, Billy and Zoe will be all that's left. Knight Research was closed, the KITT project ended. After this point, there's no government funding. Have you seen Knight to King's Rook? That really will tell you all is ended with Knight Research.

FLAG is the Foundation for Law And Government. It's the Acronym that was used in the original series for the Foundation that Devon Miles oversaw after Wilton Knight's death, and the field agent was Michael Knight. Knight Industries was the corporation that was responsible for the creation of KARR first and KITT second (we're talking TOS, By the way). Hope this helps you figure it out. Please take a look at the original series section of the website, there's a TON of info that will tell you what KR's backstory is all about.