knight rider in the future

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knight rider in the future

Post by KITT » Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:22 am

so.. sittin in IRC some people started talking about knight rider..

[23:13:04] <Stage> what happened to Kitt's AI
[23:13:05] <noodle> like in knight rider 2000
[23:13:28] <noodle> in that movie he was in boxes.
[23:13:37] <Stage> I'm worried about an artificial sentience, they couldnt have just killed him... DOUCHEBAGS!
[23:13:38] <noodle> before michael knight put him back together.
[23:13:40] * Stage cries
[23:13:54] <oGMo> someone's drunk
[23:14:03] <noodle> stage :P
[23:14:04] <Stage> suprisingly not
[23:14:29] <Stage> i just think that they should give him something to do until his parts fail him and he breaks down
[23:14:31] <oGMo> nothing seems fun :|
[23:14:32] <Stage> poor kitt :(
[23:14:38] <Stage> go play with yourself!
[23:14:45] <noodle> he was like 25 years old
[23:14:49] <Stage> so what
[23:14:56] <oGMo> that's like a billion in person years
[23:15:05] <noodle> srs
[23:15:24] <Stage> then tell me he died heroicly or tragically or something
[23:15:40] <Stage> TIE UP THIS LOOSE END! and god help you if you tell me they just sealed him up
[23:15:55] <noodle> he probably got put out to pasture and lived out his life there.
[23:16:17] <Stage> becuase the MFer who did that should just be put into a chemical induced coma and removed from life support and be told that it's only because he's no longer functional
[23:16:29] <Stage> so Kitt is doing donuts in a field?
[23:16:29] <oGMo> no, doc brown found him in 2001 and installed a flux capacitor and kitt traveled to the future .. we haven't caught up yet
[23:16:48] <Stage> that would actually make for an awsome cross continuity....
[23:17:05] <Stage> someone needs to get the knight rider and the BTTF people together and do that
[23:17:13] <oGMo> but apparently he goes to the future to stop the machine war against the terminators
[23:17:25] <noodle> XD
[23:18:03] <oGMo> but unfortunately kitt hides in a shipping container and gets sent offworld where he encounters ripley and gains alien dna
[23:19:21] <oGMo> fortunately cable shows up from the x-men and sends him back to the wild west where after a harrowing adventure as a robot cowboy he defeats the advanced form of KARR which has taken over mad dog tannen
[23:19:37] <oGMo> thus restoring the timeline for doc brown to discover him in the future
[23:20:00] <Stage> im gonna chemically castrate you now ogmo
[23:20:37] <oGMo> but bits of KARR are left behind where, later, the Knight Foundation discovers them and reassembles them into the prototype of KITT
[23:21:29] <oGMo> Stage: YOU WANTED TO KNOW

anyways. i just thought that was funny and wanted to share :)
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