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C.A.R.R. on Adult Swim

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:24 am
Interesting to know about the show Stroker And Hoop, which is currently airing on Adult Swim, it has a C.A.R.R., which is just like K.I.T.T.. Now, this show ran only one season from 2005-06 on the programming line-up, but is re-running until mid October of this month. You're going to notice how C.A.R.R. looks just like K.I.T.T. in Attack Mode, except he is orange and not a mustang. Oh yeah, the blower and the big ass spoiler is there. KITT..Er, I mean CARR has doors that flip up like lambo doors as well as open out. You'd swear someone copied someone (and I'm not talking about the obvious talking thinking car bit). In true spoofing fashion, CARR has the mindset of a jew.

Yah, 2008 Knight Rider.......copied Stroker And Hoop.