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USA should run Knight Rider

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:08 am
by DrWho2005
I really would love to see KR move to the USA network in 2010 and run on the same night with Burn Notice.
They are two shows with a similar theme and could work well together. Having the BN production team on board would make KR a better show. I'd also have the two shows exsist in the same universe.

There could be a made for tv movie to introduce KR to the BN fans.

The storu could be something like this...
Michael Jnr and Ki3T have been kidnapped whilst on addignment in Miami. The Bad guy is demanding something in exchange. Sarah wont pay so she contacts a mans he once heard her father mention was friend from the CIA: Sam.

Sam agrees to help Sarah because he had a lot of respect for Charles Gramain. Sam, Michael Westen and Fiona rescue michael and kitt in the first hour. The second hour would involve them doing the usual stuff to chase down the bad guys who have been trying to steal hitech equipment for something or other.

Some funny scenes could include Sarah and Fiona talking and watching Michael and Michael lying on the ground panting after being almost blown up

Fiona: hmmm..your Michael is hot

Sarah: Wanna swap?

another scene would have KI3T park next to Michael Westens black car and say

"Im the Knight Industries Three Thousand, what's your name?"

A few weeks later the season starts and both shows have a 16 episode run and no more cross overs occur.

ok, time to write this fan fic