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Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:52 pm
by Matthew
The night air was cold, and every last breath visible to the eye, as the black Shelby GT500 raced around the corner, tires squealing as the rear end fishtailed. On the ground ahead of the muscle car lay its driver, Michael Knight, bleeding to death from a gunshot wound to the right shoulder.

On the vehicle’s windscreen based touch screen control panel, Mike’s vital signs wavered... “Michael, get up, and get in,” the car ordered as it screeched to a halt beside him.

“Is that you KITT?” Mike asked, barely conscious.

“Yes Michael. Now get on your feet, and get in. The bullet has nicked an artery, and you’re bleeding to death,” the Mustang demanded.

Gripping the metallic bodywork, Mike pulled himself to his feet, and stumbled to the driver’s door, which opened before him. Slumped into the seat, Mike looked to KITT’s centralized voice modulator... “Anything you can do?”

“Yes Michael, but the pain will be unbearable,” KITT replied.

Mike faded out for a split second, before snapping back... “Do it,” he ordered sternly, as the sense of weariness began to overcome him.

A beam emitted from the globular voice modulator at the center of the dashboard, and impacted Mike’s wound...

The sound of Mike’s agony echoed into the distance, as the Shelby hunkered down to the ground, and activated its high speed vehicular functions.

Delirious, Mike’s mind began to flash back to Iraq... “They’re dead because of you,” a voice echoed in the darkness as a new image began to form... “Yes Mike, yes, I will marry you,” Sarah responded tearfully as the image in his mind began to change again... “Erase his memory,” a voice bellowed from amongst the desert strewn debris field...

Snapping back to reality, the Mustang pulled into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center car park at high speed, and raced past the Knight Foundation semi as it approached the hospital entrance.

Having rushed to the driver’s door, Sarah was visibly shaken by Mike’s appearance as she hugged her father tightly, and opened the driver’s door.

As he fell out of the Mustang, Mike reached for Sarah’s hand weakly ... “Did you say yes?”

Sarah looked at her on-again off-again lover with confusion... “Say yes to what Mike?”

Mustering up a smile, Mike looked into Sarah’s crystalline blue eyes as medics rushed towards them... “Will you marry me?”


Three weeks later, the Mustang sits at the center of the refurbished Knight Estate, standing proud at the heart of the re-established Foundation for Law And Government, as we see a recovering Michael Knight, his arm in a sling, standing on a balcony with his other arm around his newlywed wife, Sarah Graiman.


Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:01 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
The view from the balcony of the Knight Estate at this time of year was gorgeous. The autumn leaves were changing and falling, and the rebuilt fountain was bubbling happily as little brown finches ruffled on its slippery edge.

Mike couldn't be happier. He had Sarah under his good arm, and KITT was sitting on the red brick driveway, waiting patiently for their next assignment. Standing silently in the spot that used to belong to his father, Mike was finally proud of where his life had taken him.

Yet, instead of being able to lose himself in this perfect moment, he now worried for the wellbeing of his family. That gunshot had come close, and the horror he endured was worse than anything he could have ever imagined. With so many wonderful changes in his life, he found himself considering where his future should take him next?!

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Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:58 pm
Mike: When I've fully recovered, I'm gonna go find the guys that did this to me, and when I do...

Sarah: No Mike, please. No more revenge missions. After seeing how Garthe managed to get to you after wrecking KITT... I don't ever want to see you that angry again. It frightened me.

Mike: I can't let the guys who did this get away with it. The bastards nearly killed me!

KI3T (earwig): Michael, your blood pressure is becoming critically high. You must rest.

Sarah: KITT’s right Mike. Please, for all our sake, let this one drop.

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Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:25 pm
by mustang_fan91
Mike: I’m sorry Sarah, I can’t. It’s the only way to stop them coming back to finish the job!

KI3T: Michael, please calm down. Your job is not to seek revenge. You are a protector of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless, and as such, must be above such things!

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:23 am
by Sue
Surprised, Mike paused for a moment, and took a deep breath.

Mike: "You're right KITT, you're right. I need to put this out of my mind for a while, and ya know what, I have just the thing... Sarah, I think I owe you a honeymoon."

Sarah smiles warmly.

Sarah: "You know Mike, I hope we’ll be able to have some kind of normal life in the end. I wouldn't have married you if I didn't believe it was possible."

Mike: "Of course it’s possible."

Sarah: "You mean it? You think we can have children together, and raise a family."

Mike: "Well..."

Sarah looks down at the floor and then turns her head quickly and gazes out the window, trying to hide the tears that are welling up in her eyes. She composes herself quickly and turns back to Mike and smiles.

Sarah: "Mike, my life has never been normal, and nor has yours. We were always on the run, looking over our shoulders at every turn, and we didn't even know why. But you know what?! I wouldn't have it any other way. I never would have met you if it weren't for what our fathers do. It's like we were born to do this. And where ever that takes me, as long as I'm by your side, I'll be okay."

Mike nods as his voice begins to break.

Mike: "Yeah."

Clearing his throat.

Mike: "So.... Where do you wanna go for a couple of days."

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:06 am
by My_Friend_KITT
KITT interjected before Sarah could respond. "Hopefully the answer will be bed Michael. You are still not fully healed as of yet, and require regenerative sleep."

Mike smiled slightly. KITT had been hovering over him ever since he was shot, and Mike was starting to feel like KITT had taken on the role of a dutiful and ever-vigilant mother.

"Okay KITT, I'll go to bed." Mike announced with a wink to Sarah. Tugging on her arm, he led her into the massive suite adjoining the ornate balcony, as she giggled happily.

Meanwhile, inside the old abandoned warehouse where Goliath was reborn, a small band of disreputable men had gathered around a small table inside the smoke filled room. To add to the menacing mood, the blue-hued room was dimly lit by a single florescent light that hung directly above the filthy table.

The son of Tsombe Kuna stood proudly in the dimly lit room... "Welcome, my friends, welcome." He said with the very same deep voice as that of his late father. The tall African took a long drag from his pipe-like cigarette, and then slowly let it out. "I appreciate you joining me in this momentous occasion."

The menacing group of 5 males nodded in affirmation as they kept their attentive eyes locked on their leader.

"We have suffered a minor setback to our plans, but this is not a time to be mournful." He continued with a huge evil grin, as he sipped a whiskey-colored liquid from a small crystal glass. "My former associate did not abide by the directions as I had laid them out for him, and foolishly suffered the consequences." Tebogo noted before pausing to take another long drag from his smoke. "I, however, never perform to the low standards of my father's former associates. Today, we continue with our ultimate plan." Tebogo said as slowly sipped from his crystal glass, and took another long drag from his reed-like pipe before announcing that... "I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Jonathan Zachary."

Tebogo Kuna then looked expectantly toward the rusty door. He wistfully sipped from his crystal glass as the tarnished brass door handle slowly turned... and then with a slowness usually reserved for Hollywood Horror movies, the light from behind it began to creep in as the door creaked open.

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:22 am
Zachary: Gentlemen, there is a problem we need to eliminate. His name is Michael Knight,
formerly known as Mike Traceur. He's the son of a man who my late father Cameron tried
to eliminate 25 years ago. His name is Michael Knight Snr, originally a police detective
who used to bear the name, Michael Long. The younger Michael Knight is responsible
for the deaths of Garthe Knight and Adrienne Margeaux. I am also of the belief that
his father is responsible for the heart attack that killed my father in 1984.

The rabble of hoodlums mumbled to each other quietly.

Zachary: We have a mission. That is to kill both Michael Knight Snr and Knight Jnr.

Kuna: He may have survived your bullet, but he won't survive a spray of bullets from an Uzi.

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:04 pm
by Knight94
Three days have passed, and Mike is finally up and around. But the news that is to greet him is not good.

Mike: Man, I feel like I've been asleep nearly a week.

Charles: You have been, Mike. Three days to be precise. But that's understandable. You were hurt,
and needed the rest. How 'bout some breakfast?

Mike: That sounds real good right now. A big breakfast burrito would hit the spot.

Sarah: Burrito, for breakfast? Ugh! You're getting a bowl of bran flakes, wheat toast, oj, and fruit.

Mike: You gonna let her do this to me, Charles, let her make me eat this health food stuff?

Charles: Hey, don't look at me, you're the one who's married to her. Besides, I can't really protest either.
I have to eat it, too.

KITT: Good morning, Michael. I trust you slept very well. Three days well. I'm checking your vitals, and see that
you've made a satisfactory recovery.

Mike: Thanks, KITT. Appreciate the concern. Ya know what I'd really appreciate, though?

KITT: No, Michael. What would you really appreciate?

Mike: A couple o' big breakfast burritos, and a coffee. And get yourself something, too.

KITT: Maybe a tank-full of premium?

Sarah: KITT, whatever junkfood Mike wants you to get him, forget it. He's still recovering. He's gonna eat healthy.

Mike: Buzzkill.

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:32 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
With a full belly of health food, Mike strolled down to KITT's garage. It had been nearly a week since he had enjoyed the soft comfort of KITT's driver's seat. Even though KITT could speak to him directly through the earwig, Mike still enjoyed the direct eye to globe conversations and KITT knew just how to set the seat to be the most comfortable.

"Hi KITT." He greeted with a huge smile as he entered what used to be the Original KITT's garage. "How do you like it in here since the new renivations.

"Since I have only a few hours to compare them and I was inside a computer, I have no comment on that. However, I can tell you this...I miss my gimbal." KITT stated a little more quietly.

"How about I ask Charles to put one in just for you?" Mike joked as he slid inside the driver's door.

"I would greatly appreciate it." KITT answered in a happier tone. "Now, did you come all the way down here just to look at my new home, or is there something else?"

"Yeah KITT, there is. Did you get an identity on my sniper?" Mike asked as he rubbed his well-wrapped wound.

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:37 pm
by Matthew
“Yes Michael, but you won’t like my answer,” KITT replied in a tone that almost sounded uncomfortable.

With the image of the assassin on the KITT’s holographic touch screen, Mike stiffened up as an uncontrollable sense of anger began to build up within him. The image was of Welther Mulhare, the man who killed his mother.

“Was he working alone KITT?” Mike asked as his heart began to pound heavily.

“No Michael, it would appear that he’s still working for the Blackriver Corporation. Since the attempt on your life, their people have been heavily mobilised. We believe that killing you was only a secondary mission, and that elements of the Pan African Liberation Movement are still active within our borders,” KITT noted with another seemingly emotional response.

“In that case, we’d better get to work buddy,” Mike replied as he closed the Mustang’s door.

“Should we not tell Charles and Sarah Michael?” KITT asked.

“Not yet, I don’t want her worrying about what I might find out there,” Mike noted as he shifted the Shelby into reverse, and roared out into the driveway, flicking the steering wheel in the process to spin the car around the fountain as it headed towards the gate.


Having arrived in Bel Air, Mike parked KITT in the street where he was shot. Walking slowly, KITT followed him closely, scanning area with his dual point scanner.

Mike spotted a gold casing wedged into the guttering, just as KITT was about to announce the discovery, and crouched to the ground with a groan. Holding the hollow-point bullet in his fingers, Mike began to realise just how lucky he was that he’d moved when the shot was fired, as the bullet had clearly been intended for a kill shot to the heart.

“Son of a bitch used cop killers on me... now I’m really pissed!” Mike announced to KITT as he pulled a black army style jacket from the backseat, and put it on without flattening out the collar. Having checked the chamber on his pistol and ensured that it was fully loaded, the reason for not telling Sarah had become obvious. He was going to risk it all to put Welther down, once and for all, and if it took destroying both the Blackriver Corporation and the Pan African Liberation Movement to do it, then so be it.


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Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:47 am
by My_Friend_KITT
As Mike was furiously checking his weapon, Sarah called KITT. “KITT, where are you guys? I went to the garage to find Mike and you guys were gone.”

KITT kept Sarah on an extremely limited Chat Window as he secretly contacted Michael. “Michael, Sarah is calling. Do you wish to speak to her?”

Mike was still red with fury and didn’t want to scare his new wife, so he told KITT, “No KITT, tell her we’re out.”

“Out doing what? Where?” KITT asked with a bit of worry. He didn't want to lie to Sarah.

“KITT, I don’t know…be creative. You wanted me to give you some independence, well there you go.” Mike grumbled as he shoved his weapon back into his deep jacket pocket.

“Sarah,” KITT finally responded to her. “He has currently stepped out to…as he had put it…use the can.”

“Oh,” She said with a light of realization in her eyes. “Well, where are you KITT?”

“Apparently, that information is classified.” KITT spoke firmly.


“Yes, I am not to discuss it.”

“I wonder what it is.” Sarah thought out loud and then suddenly grinned widely, knowingly. “You are out buying my wedding gift, huh?”

“I am not at liberty to discuss what we are doing.” KITT continued but with what seemed like an air of relief.

“Okay KITT, carry on.” Sarah said with a massive smile and then closed the Chat Window.

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Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:14 pm
by Knight94
As Mike walked around the property, to find out if anyone else was there, KITT summoned him on the

Mike: Yeah, KITT, whatchya got? Any unwanted guests?

KITT: No, Micheal, Sarah wants to know what we're up to. I told her you had to make a, um, pitstop.
However, I do not like lying to her.

Mike: KITT, the less Sarah knows about this, the better, alright? Now keep your scanner peeled
for any guests.

KITT: Very well, Michael. By the way, we are the only ones here.

Mike returns to KITT, not happy to drawn a blank.

Mike: Do me a favor, KITT, gimme anything ya got on Jonathan Zachary, and any ties to Welther Mulhare.

KITT: While I'm not aware of any known connection between Jonathan Zachary and Welther Mulhare,
I do have extensive information on Mr. Zachary's father, Cameron Zachary. Here is a picture(puts up
photo of Cameron Zachary on HUD, along w/ photos of cohorts). Mr. Zachary was the head of an
international criminal operation, working primarily in corporate espionage. Tanya Walker was his
lover and chief operative. Their M.O. was to have Ms. Walker become involved with the owners of
multi-million dollar corporations, then steal sensitive secrets from them. They would then either develop
the secrets into workable projects, or sell the secrets to the highest bidder. They nearly toppled Knight
Industries, as well as Comtron Electronics. They did successfully topple a company owned by a Mr.
Charles Acton.

Mike: Wait, there's something kinda familiar about that. Like I read it in the papers or something.
Go on.

KITT: Thank you. There is a connection you should know about. Your father, then
known as Michael Long, a Las Vegas police detective, was investigating a case of corporate espionage.
It was Mr. Acton's company being robbed. Ms. Walker was posing as Mr. Acton's lover and assistant.
The security chief, a man known only as Wilson, was a participant in the theft. When your father
finally realized Ms. Walker's involvement...

Mike: Yeah, KITT, I know. She shot him, left him for dead. Then along comes Wilton Knight. He saves
my dad, had surgeons give 'im a new face. What else?

KITT: Your father then went after Ms. Walker, and found she was working for Comtron. She was lover
and assistant to Mr. Benjamin. That is when she discovered your father was still alive. In her
attempt to steal secrets from Comtron, Ms. Walker again tried to kill Mr. Knight. She was killed
by a ricochet bullet. Approximately 2 years later, your father was found to be alive. Cameron
Zachary wanted revenge, and sent in yet another lover, Gina Adams, to lure Mr. Knight, so
they could kill him. However, they discovered that Mr. Knight had the Knight 2000. Mr. Zachary
devised a plan to get the 2000, and kill your father. Mr. Knight foiled their plans, Ms. Adams
testified and was put in the Witness Protection Program, and Mr. Zachary succumbed to a heart attack
while in prison.

Mike: Anything else?

KITT: Yes, there is. It was during the original KARR project that Mr. Zachary and Ms.Walker
nearly toppled Knight Industries. That is whay your father was chosen by Wilton Knight to
go after Ms.Walker and stop her, and her cohorts.

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Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:38 pm
by Knight94
Mike: So there you have it. Jonathan Zachary wants me and my dad dead because of what happened
to his dad.

KITT: That seems to be the case. However, I fail to see the connection to Tebogo Kuna and Welther
Mulhare. Unless Mr. Zachary and Mr. Kuna have hired Mulhare surreptitiously to help them kill
you and your father. It is quite puzzling, Michael.

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Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:56 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
"Micheal, I have trajected the deadly bullet's pathway. From the angle of the bullet wound to the speed at which it travelled," KITT announced with a bit of pride. "It came from above you."

Mike leaped out of KITT and stomped over to the very spot where he nearly lost his life and then looked up. He was pretty much out in the open at this spot. He had two massive rot-iron surrounded houses on each side of him but no real vantage point for a shooter to prop himself to get off an clean shot. "Where KITT?"

"At your 2 'o clock and 68 inches up."

Mike looked toward his 2 'o clock and saw a piece of the rot-iron fencing that was covered in a well-grown Bouganvilla bush. He carefully made his way over there while keeping his head on a swivel for anymore sneak attacks.

There amongst the the thorns and deep purple paper-like flowers, Mike could see the sun glint off of something. He instinctively dug into the unforgiving bush and came out with a small all plastic nearly-undetectable pistol. This had been the weapon fired upon him!

Mike nearly growled as he rolled the small pistol around in his hands. It had been rigged with a remote trigger. No human needed to be present to fire it. Which means...There had to be some sort of survillence device that would give the nasty assassin the correct timing to fire the weapon.

With the plastic pistol still in hand, Mike suddenly bolted upright and checked the area around him. "KITT, this weapon was fired remotely. Can you find the frequency of it and track it? And also, is there a camera watching us right now?"

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Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:31 pm
KI3T: There is currently no remote controlled triggering devices in the immediate vicinity.
The only video cameras installed in this area are the two CCTV cameras operating in the
private yard precisely 33.1 metres directly behind you.

Mike: Right KITT, any other security or monitoring devices nearby?

KI3T: No Michael.

Mike: Well, in the meantime, I got some questions for whoever owns that private yard.

KI3T: My scanners are picking up mechanical movement in the house to your left.

Mike looks to his left towards the house.


A gunshot rang out, and a bullet whistled past the top of Mike's head as he ducked down.

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:13 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
Mike quickly half rolled and half ran in the crouched position back over to KITT for cover.

As he dodged, he could hear more bullets whizzing past him and hitting different things. One bounced off the asphault, one hit a nearby oak tree, and another met KITT's impenitrable passenger-side window. Mike kept up the count as he took cover. Soon the clip to that weapon had to run out.

"KITT!" Mike yelled. "Can you get a fix on that gun?!"

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:32 pm
by Knight94
KITT: Yes, Michael, it is a high-powered military assault rifle. The bullet fired is a standard round for
that type of rifle. The shooter is leaving the house, in a black 4wd, headed north.

Michael(jumps in the car, starts engine): We'd better make tracks after 'em, cuz I got about twenty or so
questions, and they got answers. Attack Mode!

KITT: Yes, Michael. Beginning transformation(sound of transformation). Transformation complete.

Mike and KITT are in pursuit of the shooter, when a CA Highway Patrol suv joins the chase.
Unfotrunately for Mike, the officer is not at all interested in the reason he's after the shooter,
only in catching both speeding vehicles.

KITT: Michael, if that highway patrolman catches us, you'll be in serious trouble for possible violation
of traffic laws, and will have an extremely difficult time explaining me, as transforming into a less
conspicuous vehicle would expose us and our operation, thus leaving us seriously compromised.

Mike: Gee, ya think!? Let's just lose 'im. We'll worry about details later.

KITT(hits boosters): Losing patrolman now.

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:56 pm
Knight94 wrote:KITT: Yes, Michael, it is a high-powered military assault rifle. The bullet fired is a standard round for
that type of rifle. The shooter is leaving the house, in a black 4wd, headed north.

Michael(jumps in the car, starts engine): We'd better make tracks after 'em, cuz I got about twenty or so
questions, and they got answers. Attack Mode!

Thanks for disregarding the point in my last entry that the weapon firing at Mike was on a
mechanical device. There was no-one actually in the house to manually fire the weapon.

And I don't want to keep asking, but please quit with your messy formatting style!

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:13 pm
My_Friend_KITT wrote:"KITT!" Mike yelled. "Can you get a fix on that gun?!"

KI3T: Michael, it is a powerful military grade automatic weapon. It is attached to a mechanical
device that was automatically activated a few seconds after I told you about the private yard.
You broke an invisible beam that triggered the mechanism.

Mike gets back into the relative safety of the drivers seat inside KI3T.

Mike: I though you said there were no other remote controlled devices around here?!?

KI3T: I'm sorry Michael, the beam was undetectable until it was too late.

Mike: Don't worry buddy, at least you got me to duck down quick enough!

KI3T: Michael, my scanners have detected a heavily modified Range Rover approaching at
high speed. It's currently 506.3 metres south of our current position and is closing in fast.

Mike: OK KITT, let's go. We'll let 'em tail us for a while. Switch to Attack Mode.

KI3T: Initiating transformation . . . transformation complete.

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:15 pm
by Matthew
Hey guys,

I just want to duck my head in for a minute and remind those of you that are participating to ensure your posts are formatted clearly, and follow on from previously established facts.

As it stands right now, these are the areas that don’t follow on from the established facts that came before them:

1. Welther Mulhare being identified as the assassin has changed to an automated attempt by remote control, whereby the identity of the shooter would become unknown to KITT, and remove the personal element driving Mike in this situation.

2. Jonathan Zachary has become a known element to Mike and KITT with no explanation whatsoever. At this point, the only people that Mike should be aware of are Welther Mulhare of the Blackriver Corporation, and Tebogo Kuna, who has ascended to the leadership of the Pan African Liberation Movement.

3. To further confuse matters, we have also now gone back to a human shooter, when a mechanical device was being employed at the house.

It’s important to ensure that you carefully read this kind of story before participating, as round robins are primarily built upon the continuity of its participants, along with their ingenuity in creating unique, yet plausible scenarios. I’d prefer to not have to go over every post and check for details that couldn’t possibly occur and/or be known, but it may become necessary if the story is to flow smoothly to a natural conclusion.


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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:40 am
by My_Friend_KITT
I shall continue from the point of a chase scene between Attack mode KITT and a Black SUV known as a modified Range Rover. My only debate...Is KITT chasing...or being chased? I shall go with...being chased.

"Michael, the modified Range Rover has an interesting attachment." KITT announced worriedly as he brought up a blue-hued window on his HUD. He then zoomed in on the grill of the massive SUV. With a red highlight, KITT showed a hidden missile launcher. "It is armed and ready."

"KITT, can we outrun that weapon?" Mike asked worriedly as he moved the window with the missile launcher displayed almost directly into his line of sight.

"No Michael," KITT stated emotionlessly. "We cannot outrun it and within 4 seconds it will be in range to fire."

As KITT was stating the obvious, the grill of the Range Rover slid away to reveal the deadly missile launcher. As soon as the sliding door was clear, the launcher pushed forward a couple of inches.

Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:55 am
Mike: KITT, E.M.P. NOW!

At the very split second a missile was about to be fired, KI3T's E.M.P. instantly disabled
the missile firing mechanism and the Range Rover's engine causing it to stop sharply.

KI3T: The SUV and it's missile launcher have been forcibly stopped.

Mike: Thank God. I don't wanna repeat of what Goliath did to you.

KI3T: Neither would I Michael. But my new Molecular Bonded Nano Shell would have
provided almost adequate protection from the missile that was about to be fired.

Mike: Almost?

KI3T: The force of the blast from a direct hit would have flipped me over.

Mike: Ok KITT, let's turn around ... I have questions for that son of a . . .

KI3T (interrupting): Michael, I have detected that the Range Rover has no driver.

Mike: What the?!?

KI3T: It's remote controlled drone, Michael.

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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:13 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
"KITT, tell me you have a fix on the signaling device that is running this thing." Mike asked a little bit frustrated as he inspected the posh interior of the Landrover.

KITT was about to tell Michael yes, when a new and different signal filtered into the remote controlled vehicle. "Michael! Get out of there!"

Mike didn't need to be told twice. He quickly turned around and ran full blast toward KITT.

Within a second, a deafening explosion ripped through the black Range Rover. The fire ball was soo huge it rattled the windows of the nearby businesses and set off every car alarm in the area.

Mike was sent flying by the shock wave of the massive explosion. He must have flown a good 25 feet and slammed into KITT's passenger's side door. It instantly knocked him out cold.

Besides the crackling sound of the fire still burning within the Range Rover, the only other sound that KITT could hear was his own voice calling to his driver, "MICHAEL! Please Respond!"

Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:43 pm
KI3T calls 911 . . .

KI3T: This is the voice of Knight 3000 requesting urgent medical assistance for Michael Knight.
There has been a vehicle explosion, so the fire department is also required at this location.

911 Operator: Knight 3000, where is your medical emergency?

KI3T: At the intersection of Langdale Drive and Sunnybank Road. Please hurry.

Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:06 pm
by My_Friend_KITT
Mike groaned in pain as he tried to sit up. He had no idea that he had even passed out.

"Michael! Please stay still. I have an ambulance on it's way." KITT called out in a worried tone.

"KITT?" Mike asked and was rewarded with a throbbing headache. "Did you get the number on that bus that just ran me over?"

"Bus?" KITT asked in a perplexed tone. "There was no bus."

Mike half-grinned as he propped himself against the warm black paint.

As KITT was scanning Michael for possible injuries, he was hailed by an encrypted chat window. He found this odd since Sarah usually used an open video chat but he accepted the invitation anyway.

A sinister voice rang throughout his cabin, "Knight 3000, if you are as wise as your predecessor you will record this message. I will not repeat myself so, listen carefully."