Ten Cool Action Moments

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Ten Cool Action Moments

Post by Michael Pajaro » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:50 am

Here are 10 of my favorite action-moments from Knight Rider ’08. In some cases they are part of a good larger scene, in others they’re just tiny moments that stand out. Ask me again next year and I might have a different list, but most of these will probably be on there:

10. Mike parallel-parks KITT - I Love the Knight Life
What?! Parking a car is cool?! Yes. When you have a supercar, it isn’t always about catching the bad guys. Sometimes little things like parking are a whole new experience and watching KITT skid into a parking spot with inches to spare was cool.

9. Gatling Gun - Fly By Knight
I wasn’t a big fan of KITT shooting bullets. But this was just so over-the-top that it went from being bad to being funny.

8. KITT uses grappling hook inside plane - Knight of the Living Dead
It was a tiny problem: KITT was slipping and about to crush Mike and Sarah against the wall. Watching KITT “think” through his options, and hearing his calm voice through it all, made a small scene great.

7. Parking structure car chase - A Hard Day’s Knight
It was tight and fast and we had grappling hooks... a great KR chase.

6. Skidding transformation - A Knight in Shining Armor
Mostly I like the way this worked with the music in the opening credits, but I thought it looked cool watching a transformation while sliding around a tight turn.

5. KITT drives into plane on freeway - Day Turns Into Knight
Driving into a Semi looked easy in comparison. And then we even got a nice bridge crash at the end.

4. Land Mines - Knight of the Hunter
Part of what made this cool was that is so unexpected. The graphics of KITT scanning the road was very well done, then all of a sudden we saw huge explosions and KITT flying in the air bumper over bumper.

3. KARR punches KITT - Knight to King’s Pawn
There were a lot of cool moments in the KITT vs. KARR scene. Anyone could ram a car against KITT, but having KARR actually PUNCH KITT showed that this was no ordinary car chase.

2. Sideways Turbo Boost - Knight and the City
Of all the turbo boosts, new series and old, this was probably the most unique. It looked great, it was funny, and it was definitely something we hadn’t seen before.

1. Fireball - A Knight in Shining Armor
What can I say, I’m still a sucker for the first 20 minutes of the series. We had a turbo boost and a helicopter chase and missile launches... The original Knight Rider was so successful because it had that tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top mindset about it, and the new series had to take that and somehow make it bigger. The fireball did that for me. And yes, in the crazy world of Knight Rider logic, it actually made sense that our heroes had to get naked. The fireball was exciting, fun, and BIG.
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Re: Ten Cool Action Moments

Post by Knight007 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:07 am

very impresive list. but if it was up to me, I would replace No1 with No2. the side way turbo boost is much cooler Image :kitt:

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Re: Ten Cool Action Moments

Post by RenanrRinaldi » Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:52 am

Number 8 was awesome! I would know! :D
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Re: Ten Cool Action Moments

Post by KRAvengerII » Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:06 am

I'll never be a fan of that parking structure chase in "Hard Day's knight" because of the fact that Mike wasn't in control, and the guys had bullets that could pierce KI3T's shell. i still think it was too over the top, with all the contrivances they threw in there. Most of your list is okay, and I'm not going to wish anything else off your list, but two of my favorites that you didn't mention, was the entire climax from "Knight of the Hunter", and the scene in "I love the Knight life" where Mike was chasing down Galt in the Vineyard. There were other moments in the series i liked, though not neccesarily action oriented.
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Re: Ten Cool Action Moments

Post by Knight94 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:06 pm

The sideways turbo boost- Knight in the City: Being chased by some baddies, Mike & KITT are almost boxed in
when Mike slides sideways, telling KITT to turbo boost. As they're in a mid-air roll, KITT screams. They land &
take off, Mike says "You scream like a girl."