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Re: after tuesday

Post by JimmyPSHayes » Wed May 20, 2009 10:16 pm

-So, ladies and gentlemen. It's Wednesday. The verdict is in and it looks like the only way we'll get more KR08 is if God himself comes down from Heaven and orders NBC to renew the show. I, for one, don't see that happening.
-LET'S GET MOVING!!!! Isn't anyone else as excited as I am that there's even the slightest possibility of a Knight Rider movie? I really think it's time to get the ball rolling when it comes to making our voices be heard. Knight Rider is a brand of limitless potential, and it DESERVES the best treatment that it can get. Do you guys realize how rare it is that a creator of a franchise gets the chance to revisit it? I really can't think of any other time, in recent memory. Usually, what ever studio owns it, get's some "hot, fresh, hip" guy to come in and take the basic premise and create a TOTALLY different version of the original.
-At it's heart, I feel, is the message "that one man can make a difference". That's a universal message that can touch and inspire each and every one of us. And, Knight Rider has the benefit or WORLD RENOWNED FAME. That's not as common as some might think. My mom and dad know what Knight Rider is. They can't name a Transformer or any member of the GI Joe team, or Iron Man's secret identity, but they know who Michael Knight and KITT are. And don't think that the children don't know what it is, either. I work in a comic book store and I usually have something that I enjoy playing on our TV-anything from He-Man to MASK and a lot of the time it's Knight Rider. A few weeks ago I was watching some KR, and a mom and a kid come in-I'm guessing the kid was about 6 or 7 and the mom said "Hey, look what's on TV!" The kid yelled "Knight Rider! And this is the first one!". When they came to check out, the kid was staring at the TV, so I asked him "How do you know Knight Rider? That show was on when I was a kid" Without even looking at me, he said "The Internet". So, yeah, there's TONS of cross-generation appeal.
-In my opinion, a Knight Rider movie would be a lot more entertaining than Transformers, or a lot of the crappy comic book adaptations that the studios have put out lately. (You're telling me that CATWOMAN can get a green-light and KR still hasn't?). So, I think it's time that we got out there and promoted this movie and that we want GLEN to do it, and we want/deserve the same respect that other fandom gets. We should write TWC, sign the online petition, get others to sign it, and get out there and jump on the social networks and get the word out that a Knight Rider movie is in the works and we want it done RIGHT and SOONER rather than LATER!!!!
-If anyone can think of anything that can be done or they want to see done, you can either PM me or email me at I'm going to be thinking about how to most effectively get the word out over the long weekend. If you have a spare minute and can come up with any ideas, let me know! I know it's corny, but in this case, one FAN can make a difference!! :D