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2.03 - Merchants of Death

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:38 pm
by Joe Huth
Welcome to the Merchants of Death locations thread!


Re: 2.03 - Merchants of Death

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:12 am
by killeye
Hi all,

Sorry for my bad english. I'm french. Far away from California, I like to find some filming locations. That's the way I discover your great forum. I hope I can help you.

Joe told us that that Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita was a turning point for this episode with the grocery store, Elmo's garage and the swap driver's seat. What about Amelia's house ?

I think I've found it :
24548 Acorn Ct, Santa Clarita, CA 91321,+Santa+Clarita,+CA+91321&hl=fr&ll=34.374666,-118.539506&spn=0.001969,0.002068&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=43.578243,67.763672&hnear=24548+Acorn+Ct,+Santa+Clarita,+Los+Angeles,+California+91321&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=34.374666,-118.539506&panoid=FGN4DMPwUz_KKFo2sfibBA&cbp=12,54.47,,0,-12.37


The number of the house was a serious clue. Also the form of the street, trees, low walls, opposite houses... Do you think it's the right place ?

Re: 2.03 - Merchants of Death

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:53 am
by Joe Huth
killeye -

You ABSOLUTELY found it! Good work! That's a location I've been searching for on and off for a while. And welcome to the forums!