One persaon can make a difference?

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One persaon can make a difference?

Post by chindall » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:44 am

The quote actually was "One Man Can Make a Difference", but I wanted to be fair (yes I am a male).

I am a bit confused and maybe someone can help me. I love Knight Rider 2008. I think its a great show. I have more positive things to say then negative. Its not perfect. Guess what neither was Original Knight Rider. But they both have a place in my heart and in my wallet. So here is my problem.

How does NBC know I watch Knight Rider 2008? I know networks go based on ratings, so my question is how can I show my support. I have to Tivo Knight Rider 2008 because I work Monday - Thursday 4pm - 3am. As an expression of my support the minute i get home I watch it even though I should be in bed. I don't fast forward the commercials because I want to make sure I support the sponsors. And then 48 hours later I logon to iTunes and purchase the episodes. So far I have all except the movie which is not for sale.

I have even considered buying a Ford vehicle to show support though I am very used to my Jeep Liberty. I do not want to sound obsessive. I don't think that I am. But I feel like I want to do something to show NBC and the Knight Rider staff that they have entertained me. I do not want Knight Rider 2008 to go off TV. I want to show my support.

So back to my question. How can I help to insure the longevity of Knight Rider 2008. I am referring my friends, even co-workers.

I appreciate anyone reading this. I hope I didn't sound too odd. I look forward to any helpful replies.

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Re: One persaon can make a difference?

Post by Cam KNIGHT » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:13 am

MAy be you can buy a ford mustang and convert it into a Knight 3000 ...

this what i'll do when I finish my studies.

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Re: One persaon can make a difference?

Post by spooky » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:43 pm


i'm not sure you could do anything to help the show continue unless you had 10 million friends and told them to tune in to the show every week. NBC is looking for ratings and if ratings continue to go down, the show is going to be pulled even if you bought a fleet of Mustangs. :(

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Re: One persaon can make a difference?

Post by GT500KR » Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:40 pm

i still dont understand ratings. They choose to keep a show going because of those ppl with the ratings box or whatever. There has to be more than 4-5 million ppl each week watching the show.

i enjoy it because it takes away the reality around me for an hour and lets me sit and watch it and at sometimes be like "Dang that is awesome"

I know its not the greatest stories, but the show is better than the stupid reality TV shows and other lame shows on.

I hope KNIGHT RIDER keeps on going :good:
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