I Am New, KNIGHT RIDER Get It Right !

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I Am New, KNIGHT RIDER Get It Right !

Post by AVILE00 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:40 pm


This is my first post here, and Im quite excited. I have found this place to be a great source of information , etc. Now, I want to make sure everyone is aware. I am David , and I am 33 years old and have been a huge KR fan ever since the original.

My take and questions are this. I think this new series is crap. I loved the Pilot Movie, I actually thought and still think it was great. It was a nice change of pace, and I loved all the references to the original series, and seeing the Hoff was awesome. I was hoping that the series would take off from there, but I was sadly disappointed. I think there are far too many errors made by the creative team to even list, but I will list a few major ones. I think that the series really hurt themselves by trying to distant itself from the original series and pilot. I think it was a mistake to try and distant themselves from it. I totally understand that this show wants to stand on its own, etc, but why cant any one realize that KR is the Hoff and Kitt ? I mean, I would have thought that the powers to be would have learned from KR 2000 and TKR, that we want Kitt , the original Kitt, with William Daniels, and Hoff. KR 2000 ratings were actually very good but the movie itself was crap, and that showed that people want KITT in its original form. I mean, the clock is ticking on how much of a audience is out there for KR, why not give us what we want? Another problem, is too many people in this new series, and I don't ever remember this many people being involved with the foundation.

I guess, to make it short, all we want is KITT in his original form, and have Hoff drive him again, even if its for one time only. If this isn't possible, then why even bother with KR, I mean what's the point? KR2000 and TKR tried this method and failed horribly, if KITT cant be brought back, then really KR should stay retired. Rocky Balboa was a success a few years back because Stallone gave fans what they wanted, a script that made sense and more importantly ROCKY BACK IN THE RING fighting, whether it worked or not compared to the other films, Rocky was in the ring fighting, and that's what people wanted to see , why cant KR understand that we want KITT, in his original form with the Hoff, that's it ! that's all, even for one night only, instead they try other things that never have worked, then at the end of the day they wonder what went wrong.

Please bring KITT back with The Hoff , Please !