Knight In Shining Armor? One Word: Terrible

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Re: Knight In Shining Armor? One Word: Terrible

Post by MJknight » Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:30 pm

JJSoCrazy wrote:Hopefully if we wait the series will have time to fill some of our gaps, like mine being about FLAG and where everyone went and some nods to the original as well. Now we just may have to be patient and see what happens.


That is the maturest post I've read on this so far. Kudos to you.

Personally, I was overwhelmed with this episode.

For those that tune into Knight Watch on my youtube page you'll find I praise it but at the same time make some critical points.

I think this series will go the full distance. We just need to give a little time to develop more. And yeah, I agree with the blue/green screen effect needs to go. Especially when Pick-up-KITT (I know what you're thinking: oh no! not another coinage!) is riding along the rail-road.

Roll on the next episode.
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Re: Knight In Shining Armor? One Word: Terrible

Post by wxkeep » Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:33 pm

Wow - there is a lot of heated opinion on this topic! To be honest, that scares me.

I was born in the late 70's, so I grew up on the oringial knight rider. LOVED the show. It was WAY better than Airwolf, Street Hawk and Thuner in paradise. I also grew up with shows like Star Trek, Transformers, G.I. Joe etc. And, like most of these shows, have been eagerly awaiting a revival. Some shows were successful - some weren't. I thought the recent transformers movie was decent - not stellar - but enjoyable because of my love for the cartoon growing up. it was definitely better than the new cartoon version that kids watch today - WTF? that's not trasnformers!! Batman was born again in a VERY AMAZING way - way to go on that one. The G.I. Joe movie comes out soon - we'll see how that works out - and I can't even begin to count the number of times that Star Trek has been redone - some good some bad.

But Knight Rider was a favorite and one that I've always wanted to see done well. Forgive me for not remembering all the titles - but I do remember the movie where part of Kitts brain was implanted in a female cop. Not a good revist of the show. I also remember TKR - which, although having potential, never amounted to much and never got picked up. =(

The best thing that I've seen along these lines since the original Knight Rider was the show Viper - do you guys remember that one? It came out around the same time that the original dodge viper came out. NOT a horrible show, IMHO. They had a great logic for not putting weapons on the car. It had a few gadgets (the flying probe, the electromagnetic-shock-the-other-car-to-disablment weapon, the armor and a holographic projector - as I recall). It also had the ability to transform from the red convertible to the silver coupe with flipping hexigonal tiles AND it could go in to off-road mode where it essentially inflated its tires. It even had the renegade driver feel - bad gone turned good due to memory loss - running rogue without much support. He had a lair or "Kitt-cave" in what I think was an old power plant - where he, the original designer, and the car enthusiast based their operations.

Now - I compare that to what I watched last night. Were they trying to outdo Viper? Show they could do everythign it could do - only more? I remember the pilot of Viper - they showcased ALL of the cars abilities in the first episode. Threw it all at us and left nothing for new developments or innovations. KR did that last night. But, like so many people have said, they went over the top. I didn't like the "KR" glowing logo on the bottom of K.I.T.T what practical reason would anyone have for putting that there? I didn't like the transforming into a F-150 - ESPECIALLY in a way that people could hop into K.I.T.Ts bed and when he goes back to mustang mode they could be sitting in his front seats. Would have been better to just do a tire inflation and maybe grow some brush-tubing around the grill or something. He'd look more like a modern day version of the mustang from Cherry 2000. The CG really needs redone (hated the scene where they rush into the subway and Michael jumps out of the bed - poorly done). I dont mind having some in the show - its almost expected of movies these days and I understand that it might be cheaper/easeier than building props to do the work.

I guess I'm getting long winded here - and I'm repeating what others have said. My summation: I loved the show and i want to see this new one succeed! I don't want it to fail like so many other shows in this genre have since the original Knight Rider. The show last night was rushed, over the top, poorly CG'd and predictable. I liked the HUD, I liked the tributes to the original, even didn't mind the Cave. But I also know that I'm going to be more tolerant of the cheesy bits because I have faith and because of my loyalty to the original. The general public will not be as forgiving. In order for this show to succeed on NBC it has to cater to more than just us original fans but to the general public as well. People want to see character development - and they'll suspend disbelief (Hello - LOST? disappearing islands? people buy that??). But if its too far fetched - too corny - only the old school fans will watch and the show will be lost. (Remember Firefly? Great show - but on the wrong channel - SciFi should have picked it up - alas - its gone forever). C'mon NBC - you know your demographics - cater to them so that this show can succeed - or sell it to SciFi where it can thrive (hell - Eureka is doign great).

When the show was over last night - I was worried about its ability to last - and I hope that they provide comfort and reassurance of the success of this show over the coming eps.

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Re: Knight In Shining Armor? One Word: Terrible

Post by Words_vs_Pain » Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:16 am

The original "whoosh whoosh" was fine :)

all the rest I prefer to do not comment! too bad