Your Review of the new Knight Rider

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Your Review of the new Knight Rider

Post by KnightRider2000 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:53 pm

Give it out of 5 stars or out of 10, thumbs up whatever, let's just see your review to it.

I don't post here like I used to, but I thought this was important.

My Review? It sucked. Plain and simple. I missed L&O: SVU for this crap. Not the same. I love how they unbulletproofed KITT when his computer shut down, talk about a step back. Easily hacked, instead of being a superior car in the pilot (like he should have been) he was weaker than he should have been. This might be good for an episode like Goliath, but not for the pilot. No Turbo Boost, Ski Mode, Oil Slicks, Ejection Seat, removable top... need I say more? William Daniels brought a lot to the role, he took it seriously, and gave KITT life. Val Kilmer did the same to KITT has he did to Batman.

Oh and just a new pet peeve. Tuned port injection Trans Am in garage? It was a turbine engine, the same as a Jet has, that's what made it awesome.

Story sucked, the actors, GRRRRR i wanted to just end it there. Horrible movie, and I pray that it never makes it into a TV show. I remember watching it, I just wanted it to end. Nothing captivated me, nothing magical. Maybe "Mike" will die in the new KITT, and the Hoff will be forced to replace him with the old KITT. That wouldn't be that bad of a TV show... as long as the Hoff gets his cheeseburgers he's happy.

-The One and Only KnightRider2000 (that's my name for you newbies, that movie sucked also)