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Post by becky » Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:53 pm

...Not a lot of people liked the premier. XD This doesn't surprises me, though. I'm very new to the Knight Rider fandom, but I can appreciate that the older fans would want to see more references to the original.

My point of view is: it was good. For a 2008 show based on 1980s show, it was pretty good. It appealed (unfortunately) to modern requests, like the sleeping in bed scenes with Mike and the gay FBI agent, but that's sort of a standard for today. If it wasn't there, many newcomers would be turned off. To me, as a teenage girl, Michael Knight from the original was a JERK when it came to ladies. I hated the whole damsel in distress aspect of the show, but yet, it was standard for the time. Now, that standard has changed. What's expected of today's TV shows can't just be ignored just because older fans don't agree with new changes.

I didn't really like KITT's new attitude or voice, either. The older KITT was much more "human" than this new one, which sounds and acts way too much like a computer. It de-humanizes him and people who haven't seen the old show will just think him to be a computer, rather than a real character. He does get in some good jokes, though, that remind me of the old show (The "are you homosexual" line made me fall off the couch laughing). I think the creators paid too much attention on the special effects of the car than on his personality. I do agree that the nano-technology of the car fell short a little, but hey, it's just a TV show. I did like the Mustang look, but I'm kinda biased, lol.

Unless they make this a series, we won't be sure if they won't mention important things, like Devon, how Kitt fell into Charles' possession, where Michael went for twenty six years, etc. This was just a start. Who knows what the directors have in store in future episodes?

And am the only one who screamed "Oh hell, they brought in Sky-One?!" at the end? :?

We really can't be judging this too harshly right now, though. if they do continue it as a series, maybe things will be more explained and delved into. I for one am looking forward to see where a new series would go.

As for Hasslehoff not appearing for more than a few never liked him. XD I wasn't that shook up about it.

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Re: Wow

Post by kido » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:04 pm

Its hard to modernize without losing the old appeal, but they did better than most.
I too would like to know more about the fall of the foundation.

The "Sky-One" made a little sense to me, less vulnerable in the air.
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