new tv kitt steering wheel

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new tv kitt steering wheel

Post by seeker78 » Tue Dec 25, 2007 12:36 am

I noticed the steering wheel in the new kitt looks something like the helm on a submarine, I always remembered Knight Rider while driving the boat, lol! check it out


No, neither of those guys are me, but I did stand that watch, on that type of submarine!! I spent about a week learning how to drive the boat and then another 2 weeks standing the watch. I was a sonar tech but when you first report to the boat there are certain things you have to do, including food service, "deck division", and driving the boat. Also when we're out on patrol, we change into the "poopy suits", blue coveralls as seen in the movie Crimson Tide (though both enlisted and officer wore them), this is because they are a lot faster to put on when you're in your rack and there's a fire or we detect something we want to track. :)