Hasselhoff no longer single?

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Hasselhoff no longer single?

Post by Knight-Armen » Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:19 pm

As I was browsing for some additional information about the all new NBC project on Knight Rider I came across this article, including three pictures of Hasselhoff and his new girlfriend taken outside of a restaurant called Porta Via in Malibu, California.

Is it really the case that Hasselhoff has got a new girlfriend? All three pictures seem to be authentic but it could be a misinterpretation by the media as well...

http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/ar ... ed_1045015
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Post by Lyn » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:36 pm

Uh, DH's still unfortunately going through his divorce, and maybe he'll not be single after his divorce crap is eventually over for good.
Dh's personal life is his own business.