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Greetings, I am Victor Kros.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:51 am
by Victor Kros
Greetings fans of knightrideronline,

You can refer to me as Victor Kros. Some of you may know me or have seen my activity on the imdb boards, starting the thread “Fact vs. Speculation” and I feel it’s necessary to repost that original post here so you can get a perspective on what my purpose is for posting here and other Knight Rider boards out there.

I’ve decided to copy/paste some of my other posts in this initial post because so much has happened that you need to catch up on to really understand what has been done to get Glen’s vision closer to the big screen.

This is going to be a rather long post so please bare with it and read through the entire thing before responding.

(From IMDB)

Since it appears people really desire to separate what is fact from what is speculation, I have decided to give you a small glimpse at what to expect and I have reposted a previous reply I gave in response to if this movie will be a "reboot" or "continuation".

I am involved in this project and you can either call me a bold faced liar or you could accept that maybe, just maybe, I might actually be telling you the truth. There is a great deal I cannot say and will not say because of my respect for Glen's privacy but this might shed a little more light on what you expect vs. what you're going to receive when the movie goes into production.

Whether anyone else on this board believes me or not, that is up to you to decide. I am making this effort because I believe as a fan myself, you have a right to know what is going on with this project that can be disclosed.


The movie isn't something as crude as a "reboot". It's more of a "reimagining" of the series because unlike a "reboot" it will still retain the characters, the original creator's vision, and the attributes of the original tv series.

Glen himself is writing the movie, it will be as Glen intended it to be not the sub-standard, poorly written TV "movies" that Universal churned out behind his back.

You must keep in mind that it would be extremely expensive to try to recreate the 80s or 90s to "continue" the original series, not to mention that David has done other things to exclude himself and most importantly of all, Pontiac no longer will manufacture the original 82 trans-am.

You have to accept the inevitable fact that times have changed and in doing so, you have to also allow yourself to accept that things that worked in the original show will no longer hold up today (especially on the big screen) or are simply no longer available to access.

Universal attempted to continue the series once and they modernized everything and you can understand what kind of a train wreck Knight Rider 2000 was, along with KR 2010 and so on (Which Glen was not involved in). Glen doesn't want that same mistake happening again.

Those of you who keep chanting to bring back David and William Daniels don't seem to remember that it's not the star power that makes the movie, it's the plot. Universal gave you what you wanted, minus the black car and look what happened with that concept.

Unfortunately there will be no return of the 82' Pontiac Trans-Am. Those of you who are devoted Knight Rider fans, should know the legal conflicts that Pontiac put into place regarding the show's final taping and the sad destruction of the cars used that followed. This is partially why the Trans-Am did not appear in the consequent Knight Rider movies as well.

I can assure you there will be a worthy successor to the classic Trans-Am, it will be black, it will have a red scanner, and it will not be named "KIFT".

You will see the the use of Turbo Boost, a new SPM, and some new abilities you haven't seen used before.


With those things said, I apologize for not keeping KRO in the loop with the other sites I have joined and informed regarding the progress of Glen’s Knight Rider movie. I was unable to post here until my activation was approved and for one reason or another I never received the email needed to do so.

But as some of you have requested, I am here now.

As stated in the imdb post, there are things about the project I can mention and a great deal of things that I cannot for the sake of Glen’s privacy.

To describe in more detail exactly what my role is in the project is that basically I am acting as Glen’s liaison to the Knight Rider fans out there. I am responsible for seeing what the fans are saying about the project and garnering support for Glen’s amazing script and to make him aware of what is going on in general.

Recently I have helped out Steve and Nick from the KRUK board in getting a video put together for Knightcon 07 that will be shown exclusively there for the first time. It is also the first time in over 20 years Glen has addressed the fans directly (other then dvd commentaries) so he’s pretty excited to hear the response.

It was recorded in his home and made exclusive for the show in which a few confirmations about the movie are mentioned, but I will not explain what it shows in detail because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the people attending the event.

He is working extremely hard to get this movie put into production but with the new announcement by Universal, it’s made things even more difficult. I created the Knight Rider petition to let you; the fans speak your mind and support Glen’s effort to make his vision of the feature film a reality.

Regarding the announcement made by Universal about their Knight Rider TV show, they are trying to extort Glen into signing with them instead of the Weinstiens to avoid competition. It’s not about the fans or ratings it’s just about industry politics, ego, and money.

They don’t realize that we the fans are the reason why Knight Rider has real value. It’s your efforts to keep the legend of the show alive, 25 years later that keeps it going strong and in turn places an incredible demand for its proper return.

(RE: Knight Rider TV Show)

Ok this is the story,

Glen informed me the other day that as a backlash for his choice to pursue making a motion picture of Knight Rider, Universal called up his office and threatened to make a new Knight Rider tv series and release it before Glen could finish the movie. This poses direct competition with Glen's efforts to revive the Knight Rider saga himself and this makes absolutely NO SENSE because the irony is that Glen was considering going back to Universal anyway having become increasingly less enchanted with the Weinstien deal.

I would have informed people ahead of time that this was coming but Glen specifically said to wait and see what Universal was going to do...obviously Universal has fired first.

Universal was second in line to option Glen to make the movie should the Weinstien deal fall through. This move on their part is rediculous and quite frankly petty. They're trying to force Glen's hand and this is wrong. There's not much Glen can do to stop Universal from making a new Knight Rider TV series or made for TV movies since they still own the rights.

This is how they made Knight Rider 2000 and TKR without his involvement. So I am here to explain both sides of this story.

Despite this release on their part the sad thing is Glen may still yet go to Universal with the project if they offer him a good enough deal and this would then table the tv series threat being posed to him. It's not fair but it's business. We'll have to wait and see what happens with that.

First and foremost, yes the article is true and I would really like to know who broke this story first because Glen needs to know asap so his lawyers can start looking into things. I thank you for bringing this to my attention Nick, rest assured there is going to be a great deal of backdraft from Universal's decision.

If this series is created by Universal, it is not being made to relaunch the series nor is it to draw in new viewers or for the fans. This series is Universal's attempt to couple together a sub-par rushed project with intentions to try and sideline the movie Glen has been working on getting to the big screen.

This series will not be Glen's vision, it will be another train wreck waiting to happen like the other knock off shows Universal has churned out.


Although you can’t have everything you would prefer in the Knight Rider movie, I am making sure Glen keeps the spirit of the TV show alive as best that I can so that the movie will not disappoint you. It is darker, edgier, but it’s basically a re-imagining of the original pilot, updated for modern day.

Glen has finished the script for the movie and I have been privileged enough to have read and assisted with taking it into his final polished stage for submission. I assure you the movie contains the spirit of the original show, it has most of the original characters you know and love and some new surprises you’ve never seen K.I.T.T. be able to do before.

I can’t go into any more detail then that for the time being.

(RE: Knight Rider Petition – KRUK/imdb boards)

If you want your voices heard about getting this movie into production, I have created this petition to help the studios and Glen realize just how many people out there would support getting this great franchise on the big screen and would pay to see it.

This is your opportunity to let Glen A. Larson realize how much this cult favorite has touched, inspired, or otherwise impacted your lives. Let's find out just how passionate you are to see this film move into full production by signing this petition.

Please take the time to sign it and let your voices be heard so we can prove that one person can make a difference.

(RE: Support for Glen from KRUK/imdb boards)

I have noticed that fans have been asking what they can do to show their support for Glen especially now that Universal is intended on competing with his vision. Well after a lot of thought, as his liaison to the fans I decided to design an emblem so you too can show your support for his movie and his vision that one man (and his car) can make a difference.

You may post this image anywhere you like, in fact I encourage you to do so and tell your friends and family if they wish to support the movie Glen is working hard to get to the big screen to post it as well. I have stored this file on imageshack for now, I suggest you save it then upload it to your servers and spread the word!

Post it on myspace, forums, blogs, websites, anywhere you wish to display it. You have carte blanch to do with it as you like.


I started out with a mission to make Glen more aware of all the Knight Rider fans out there and I have accomplished that goal. He has vowed (once the movie is in production) to make more of an effort to visit fan events in 2008 now that I have made him aware of them like Knightcon and the Saugus events.

Glen thanks you all for reminding him that what he considered just a “job” has become a legacy, a legacy that he no longer wants to allow to die. Glen is making his best efforts to update and re-introduce his creation, in his vision, in HIS way and no one else.

You won’t be getting another slapped together TV series or another Knight Rider 2000/2010, what you are getting is pure Glen A. Larson magic. If we can keep that buzz alive, it will show not just Glen how much you want this picture but also the other studio execs involved that this movie can only be made him, his way.

You may think that signing the petition or posting that “In Glen Larson We Trust” emblem won’t make a difference but every little bit helps.

In return for your support, Glen is doing all he can to get the movie into production and as I stated before will be making more personal appearances and signing autographs to thank you for keeping his vision alive after all these years but also keep in mind the man is in his 70s and still writing scripts so bare with him if he limits his time these days.

I cannot give out information about who is being cast, where it’s shooting, what the budget is, because the script hasn’t been approved yet and those issues are dealt with by other people in production. I cannot give out specific details about the script because to do so would cause others out there to try to steal them and Glen has worked extremely hard to ensure his script is locked away and safe. Only a select few have been able to read it and he doesn’t let his copies outside of his house.

I also can’t take requests to have things autographed for you or deliver personal mail to Glen because he is extremely busy these days, but I can keep you informed of when he plans to make a personal experience and if he plans on signing autographs or not for said events. Glen generally will sign and not charge for his autograph for the fans, but he limits how many things he will sign and how long, due to health concerns so please understand that as well.

If you want to send me a private message, that is perfectly fine but I will only give out my email to people who need it and that I know I can trust accordingly.

I hope this has been informative and I apologize if I wind up repeating myself a lot in this post, it is rather early in the morning but I felt that it was better to make this post sooner then wait until later and forget to make it.

Thanks again for reading and understanding where I’m coming from in all this. As I’ve stated before you can choose either to believe me or not, what matters to me is that fans out there are still excited and ready to see Glen’s movie finally make it to the big screen and will be there anxiously awaiting the opening credits when his story can finally be told the way it was meant to…

“Looking to the future, I might suggest you keep your eye on the horizon because like a mighty phoenix, K.I.T.T. will rise from the ashes to fight the forces of evil once more.” --- Glen A. Larson


Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:46 am
by Radicalas
It makes me more optimistic and i can't wait to see the surprise, which will be shown i Knightcon, i can't be there, because i live in other country, i hope someone will help to know that surprise on this or other forum. As i understood, it's a video, i hope i could see it in few days :roll: :lol:

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:10 pm
by March2875
Hello Victor and welcome to the board. You probably won't be able to answer this but I'll ask it anyway.

I don't understand How and when the Larson/Hasselhoff relationship changed for the worse. They were 100% together on the original deal at Revolution Studios. It seemed they fell out during the transition from Revolution to Weintstein. Can you shed any light at all on why? Was it David's personal problems?

After you appeared on Ain't it Cool News site. David did respond in an interview saying that Larson felt He didn't have what it took to get a project going. Like He was saying David just didn't have the contacts to get a new studio deal in place.

Im one of the people who strongly believe Hasselhoff has to be present for a successful Movie. Miami Vice was done in a serious manner true to the original with Original Series Creator Michael Mann and still flopped. I believe that was exclusively due to the absence of the original cast. The first 6 Star Trek's were HUGE. I strongly believe that was due to the fact that it was truly what fans were looking for all the element's you mention plus the addtion of the oriiginal Cast. Thank You for your time. Steven Moore

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:24 pm
by scottab21
Wow... That's whole lot of information at one time and a hell of a post there. So IF all of this is true, it is truly sad that creator of the series cannot be directly involved in the movie AND the series. I still think that ultimately fans would prefer the scenario where you have the movie first, and if successful, a series to begin after that. Of course Glen Larson would have to write both the new movie and series. Even though the situatio is what it is, I have to remain optimistic that Knight Rider is finally going to make a return in one form, or another in the near future. Knowing that, what KR wouldn't be happy?

RE: Glen and David

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:42 pm
by Victor Kros

If you watch the Knight Rider Season 1 dvd and listen to the audio commentary for the pilot episode, "Knight of the Phoenix" you will see there's already friction there between Glen and David.

In a nutshell, Glen doesn't care for David because David has consistently tried to force Glen into making the Knight Rider movie before Glen has been ready to do so. In the commentary you will hear David bring it up several times to the point Glen just ignores it.

Secondly, David's passion for Knight Rider, while admirable has led him to make some really dumb decisions behind Glen's back and that really started with David making Knight Rider 2000 without consulting Glen about it. Glen doesn't like how egotistical David has become either.

Yes David is the most recognized tv star in history, yes David is highly popular in Germany but "The Hoff" would be nothing if it wasn't for Glen involving him in Knight Rider and David seems to have forgotten this fact.

This was further agitated when David hired a screenwriter to write a script for a new proposed Knight Rider movie in which Michael Knight passes the torch on to his son. This was all done behind Glen's back and that's really the core problem is that it's Glen's concept and people won't just let him do it, his way.

With the Revolution Studios project, Glen had considered at the time to give David another chance to redeem his past mistakes and to his credit, David listened but it was Revolution Studios who allowed their movie option rights to expire because they did not want KITT to talk.

After that fiasco though, David went back to his old ways and reopened those wounds between him and Glen once more.

As we all know and this is true, David tried to approach Orlando Bloom to play the role of his son and Orlando turned him down. The problem with this is that David nor Universal owns the theatrical rights to Knight Rider.

None of them no matter how passionate they are can make a movie for the big screen without Glen's permission and or involvement.

Additionally David tried to buy the rights from Glen flat out for a large amount of money and Glen refused. He told David if he had the rights to Knight Rider he really wouldn't know what to do with them and he cited Knight Rider 2000 as an example.

Keep in mind, Hassellhoff is not the only reason Knight Rider was successful, in the end it was still Glen's concept and recommendations to studio brass that made KR happen.

The problem is "The Hoff" believes he basically has entitlement to Knight Rider as if it was his show and that's caustic with Glen because Glen has his own ideas in mind for the movie that don't coincide with where David would want to take the project.

With movie studios obsessive about making trilogies, it is necessary for Glen to re-imagine and update his classic saga for a more modernized age and that does not include continuing where the original series left off.

Lastly regarding Miami Vice, I would have to disagree with you somewhat. Miami Vice had an excellent cast but the movie was taken far away from the nostalgic feel of the 80s which had a style all its own. It went more for a shock and awe approach, overly dark and far too serious.

I don't believe you need an original cast to make a remake movie successful, you just need a strong plot that keeps the spirit of the original source material in tact. If you go too far with extreme changes or darker in subject matter, you run the risk of creating something that is its predecessor in name only.

This is what Universal is planning to do with the proposed Knight Rider tV series.

I would greatly enjoy having William Daniels reprise his role as KITT's voice, ala Peter Cullen in the Transformers movie but I honestly don't believe that you need David involved to make a Knight Rider movie work.

There will be those die hard fans out there who will disagree with me and cling on to the old series and its cast and elements tenaciously and that's ok, if you love the original tv series unchanged then by all means go buy the dvds and keep that nostalgia alive.

Nothing will replace David or the original Trans-Am we all hold so dearly to our hearts but in this day and age, what happens to the shows we cherish isn't in our hands to control. We can either learn to accept what happens to them or reject them outright.

I believe in Glen's vision of where he wants to take Knight Rider and reimagine it for a new generation of fans to discover. He's not going to change things as drastically as other "remakes" out there have done.

Yes its darker, edgier, and more PG-13 but its still built upon the elements that made his series great. One man and his technically advanced car making a difference to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

Wilton, Michael, Devon, KITT, they're still here, not some brand new complete reset that would detach everything we recognize as being associated with the original series.

It's possible, however unlikely that Glen will cave in to Universal's threat and sign with them instead of closing the deal with the Weinstiens which would then table the TV series all together and cause Universal to focus on making the movie instead which would keep both parties satisfied.

The downside however is that Universal would probably try to screw Glen out of the things he's trying to maintain control of. That's a whole legal matter that's not my forte so we'll just have to wait and see what happens with that fiasco.

It's his show, and he's updating it the way he believes it should be handled and that will gurantee that the one thing that no other version of "Knight Rider" out there can have is Glen's signature humor and creative magic that makes "Knight Rider" truly his own.


Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 2:43 pm
by Skav
I have to say that having seen the recent remake of Halloween and other remakes like Miami Vice at the cinema I have given up on re-imaginings of movies/shows.

They don't work no matter how hard you try. In the modern world, you try to cater for the new generation and the old generation and this is not possible.

Secondly, I disagree that the star doesn't make a movie successful, in the case of an original show or film.

If the fans adore an old tv show then they will always bear thought of the actors and people that made THAT show and will inevitably compare the old with the new. You can't put the old one out of your mind if you view something fresh because comparison is inevitable.

The train wreck that was KR2000 wasn't all David's fault, the studio changed a whole lot of the script and gave us the rubbish we got.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for supporting Glen's script and new movie and would love to see it on the big screen. My point is you cannot retain the spirit of the old shows no matter how hard you try unless you get at least one of the original actors from the show because they ARE what created the show's spirit.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:33 pm
by Lyn
I've heard of long-winded discussions, but this is ridiculous! :? :roll:
Couldn't the guy named Victor Kros have gotten his point across in just a few sentences!?!?!?!?!?!? :evil: :? :roll: :roll: :roll:
Anyway, I wish Glen Larson well with his "Knight Rider" movie, and hopefully someday he and D. Hasselhoff can finally resolve their differences.
I'm also a fan of D. Hasselhoff and the original "Knight Rider" series, not some dumb pilot crap that
someone's passing off as an updated version of the show.
This is only my opinion, nothing more.....

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:46 pm
by Michael Pajaro
As Victor pointed out he was not able to create an account at KRO for a while now (which is a problem Neil is aware of). When his account finally came through, he had a backlog of messages. Rather than posting many different messages like he did on other boards, he collected them into one large post here. I think we can indulge him this one time.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:24 pm
by Lost Knight

While a lot of what you said regarding the fragile relationship between David Hasselhoff and Glen Larson seems to make perfect sense and fit in perfectly with all the speculation on the upcoming movie, I'm afraid myself and most of the other members here must take your information with a grain of salt as you have no proof.

However, since it is your job to see how fans react to new ideas, news, etc., I won't hesitate to state my opinion of this "reimagining" of the pilot episode, if it is indeed true. Personally, I'm sick and tired of remakes these days, or reimaginings, etc. If there was ever a time Hollywood needed to start coming up with new, original ideas, this certainly would be the time. It does sound very disappointing to me the way Glen apparently wants to go with the new movie. The fact that this upcoming movie is already continuing an old idea from the 1980s is enough. From that point on, I think the best thing to do is move forward. I do not see how Hollywood's undeniable obsession with trilogies makes it necessary for Glen to reimagine the original series, either. The story can easily move forward and be written in a way that new audiences can jump into it as if it were brand new, and old fans can recognize the continuity of the original series. While I didn't like Knight Rider 2000, there were some elements of the continuity I liked and thought fit well with the story (i.g. how Michael burnt out and retired and how K.I.T.T. was dismantled and placed in moth balls for a decade, among other things). I am the type of fan that wants to see what comes next, not a different angle of the same tired old story that every single Knight Rider fan knows already like the back of their hand.

Glen makes a point on how Knight Rider 2000 became a disaster, and how David went on with the project without his permission and it flopped. Apparently he was trying to show that it's been proven that David can't carry a continuation of the series on his own, whether he stars in it, writes it, or produces it. But Team Knight Rider and Knight Rider 2010 did not include David or Glen, and they both flopped as well. I just wish they could both settle their differences and put their business hats on together, so to speak.

But I do agree that Glen has every right to do what he wants with his franchise. I've also made it no secret here on the boards that I am no fan of Universal Studios, so to hear that they are threatening Glen with a half-hearted remake of the series certainly doesn't help my image of them. However, I disagree that all the new movie has to do is rely on its plot. Without Michael and K.I.T.T. being some part of it, a lot of fans will resent the new direction and it will be harder to retain the same feel. In David's defense (and I'm not taking sides here), he brought a unique passion and feel to the show, which I believe would have no doubt never had the same "magic" with any other actor like Don Johnson, for example. David created the little things like "buddy," "pal," "gimme everything ya got!" etc. It's just something that's too unique to replace.

Another point I did want to touch upon is that an upcoming movie (if it does eventually get off the ground) will most certainly be a profit for Glen (depending on how well it does at the box office, that is). But from what it sounds like in your post, it seems Glen is trying to exclude David from the project because of past incidents in which you describe. This is unfortunate. Not only would David and Glen profit from joining forces again for the new film, but I believe it would be better to envision the project with the franchise's best interests in mind. Would excluding David be what's best for the franchise? Or will personal disagreements get in the way? My point is simply that while Glen may be right, I believe a more objective approach would be the best course of action. At the end of the day, no matter what the intentions, the bottom line is business, unfortunately.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:26 am
by Victor Kros
Everyone has a right to an opinion, it's not my purpose here to change or sway you from yours, its my mission to clarify what is fact from what is speculation.

In most cases I will agree to disagree. You have your observations and I have mine.

Granted that's a matter of perspective of whether you trust me or not and that is perfectly fine if you don't. Very shortly however, the footage that I oversaw recorded exclusively for Knightcon 07 is going to be released publicly. You can read about those details in another post I will make shortly.

It is also my intent to clarify what you expect from what you're most likely to receive when the film is put into production. Many of you might not agree with the changes and or decisions Glen has chosen to make but it's his movie concept and you can either support it or reject it.

It is our preference that you support it and try to view what had to be changed with an open mind but again that's entirely up to you and I will not stop you from having your own opinions about me, Glen, or the movie.

I will however point out if you're clearly mistaken on a fact you're using to support your opinion.

As far as being long winded is concerned, I had a lot of ground to cover to catch KRO up on the latest news. I didn't have to come here and include KRO with the other places I've been posting on.

It takes a lot of work on my part to visit these places and make sure they're up to date on what is going on. I chose to come to KRO because I admire the level of detail that has been put into building this site, the sections/information provided, and people who come here.

As far as my lengthy replies are concerned, sometimes I can't properly answer a question without explain it in proper context, especially if you're not entirely aware of the things happening behind the scenes of the public eye.

To those of you who are using the emblem I've created to support Glen's efforts to get the movie made, he and I both thank you. Every little bit helps to make a difference happen.

I hope this has been informative.


Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:23 am
by JJSoCrazy
victor kros wrote:Everyone has a right to an opinion, it's not my purpose here to change or sway you from yours, its my mission to clarify what is fact from what is speculation.

In most cases I will agree to disagree. You have your observations and I have mine.

Granted that's a matter of perspective of whether you trust me or not and that is perfectly fine if you don't. Very shortly however, the footage that I oversaw recorded exclusively for Knightcon 07 is going to be released publicly. You can read about those details in another post I will make shortly.

It is also my intent to clarify what you expect from what you're most likely to receive when the film is put into production. Many of you might not agree with the changes and or decisions Glen has chosen to make but it's his movie concept and you can either support it or reject it.

It is our preference that you support it and try to view what had to be changed with an open mind but again that's entirely up to you and I will not stop you from having your own opinions about me, Glen, or the movie.

I will however point out if you're clearly mistaken on a fact you're using to support your opinion.

As far as being long winded is concerned, I had a lot of ground to cover to catch KRO up on the latest news. I didn't have to come here and include KRO with the other places I've been posting on.

It takes a lot of work on my part to visit these places and make sure they're up to date on what is going on. I chose to come to KRO because I admire the level of detail that has been put into building this site, the sections/information provided, and people who come here.

As far as my lengthy replies are concerned, sometimes I can't properly answer a question without explain it in proper context, especially if you're not entirely aware of the things happening behind the scenes of the public eye.

To those of you who are using the emblem I've created to support Glen's efforts to get the movie made, he and I both thank you. Every little bit helps to make a difference happen.

I hope this has been informative.


Hello Victor, I hope you know that I am trying to get the word out about the movie. I have placed some icons on myspace, facebook, some other forums I belong too, especially I am trying to get this website called to help me promote for Glen. I hope this movie is created and that Universal relizes they will ruin the integrity of the show if they make this silly show. I love Knight Rider too much to see it go down as a Transformers wannabe movie.


Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:22 am
by Victor Kros
Nice to know and thanks,

Feel free to use the emblem graphic I designed and post it anywhere you like. As I've said before every little bit helps.


Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:00 pm
by T.A.H.O.E.
if it lacks plot/car,good script & well done shots & a sound premise( one man can make a difference ) PLOT...

it should not be considered Knight Rider

VIPER WAS OKAY as a series,car,actresses( NOT KR,MORE LIKE SWAT )


Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:31 pm
by Kaine
Before Victor posted here i was very worried, that the knight rider movie wouldn't be made at all. it reassures me to see, not only that the knight rider movie is getting along, but also that Glen Larson has a very set conception of how the movie should look like in the end.
i wholeheartedly agree with Glen's vision, it's everything i could have hoped for.
Knight Rider 2000 proved one thing: even with the same actors and the same voice for KITT you still can make a knight rider themed movie that feels nothing like knight rider at all. so in the end - at least to me - what matters the most is that the vision and the ideals that made knight rider so special will be intact.
i admit i was excited when i read about the new TV series, though that was short lived, because when i heard Glen wasn't involved i feared the new series will be as bad as KR2000, KR2010 and TKR. there is still a little hope left that the series will actually strike the right note and feel like Knight Rider, but i'm quite sure the movie will. and after all, it can't hurt to have two strings to one's bow.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:49 pm
by T.A.H.O.E.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:26 pm
by Michael Pajaro
The pink daggit in the room is a little show called Battlestar Galactica.

Richard Hatch wanted to revive the franchise. Glen Larson wanted to revive the franchise in a different way. Then a cheesey cable network said they were doing it their own way. Fans were horrified. They knew the new show would suck and would ruin any chances of future Galactica projects.

And what happened? The fans were wrong. Yes, there are still plenty of hold-outs who don't like the new show, but you can't argue that it isn't a huge success. Is it a fluke? Probably. The new Bionic Woman certainly isn't anything to get too excited about. But the credentials for the new NBC Knight Rider are pretty good.

I would certainly love to see Glen Larson move forward with a Knight Rider project. But I'm still willing to support the new NBC show as well. At least for now. I just don't want the fans to have to choose sides and say "we no longer support Hasselhoff" or "we don't like Universal". Hollywood is a big place; there should be room for everyone.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:31 pm
by knightdriver
I posted this in one of the other threads but I will ad it here too:

You know what I don't get.........

They keep saying in all these articles that the pilot will be out
before the end of this year................

Uhmmmm. Thats only 3 months away. There gonna wip up something that
fast and get it on the air? If so... You know it is going to be a rushed
piece of crap.

They may prove me wrong but I doubt it will be good if it isn't already
in the can and finished, ready to show.

What are your thoughts on this?

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:45 pm
by Michael Pajaro
knightdriver: The articles are feeding off eachother, and losing something in translation. The earlier reports all say the movie could be ready "later this SEASON" so they could still easily have 6-7 months to work on it. That's a huge amount of time in the TV world.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:46 pm
by LadyV2000
All this news is amazing. The dilemma between Universal and Glen is kind of a dampening point though. However, I have faith in Glen’s creative talents. I am actually all for a modernized version of Knight Rider. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic KR, but as fun as the original show was, and as cheesy as the bad special effects were, I'm fascinated as to how KR of today would look and feel. Even while I watch the original series, I sometimes imagine how certain scenes or stories would be like if done in the present. I just really like modern technology. :D
Maybe since I was only born during the third season that I don't have that strong nostalgia that many of the others here feel (that's an awesome thing by the way) :wink: but I'm not going to throw in the towel yet. When and if this movie ever gets into production, and we start to see more substance (cast, plot, new car, etc.) will I be able to make a more rational decision as to how I feel. I do agree though, if the series becomes some warped, transformers mutation, I may have a hard time watching. If the animation was well done, maybe, but there's no way small screen CGI can even contend with movie animation. I for one can't stomach shoddy computer animation. :roll:

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 9:49 am
by Radicalas
I was thinking about new Knight Rider movie and realised that the movie should be in present. In these days you can't get the same 80s Knight Rider, and even if it would be possible to do, it won't work in these days. It should be new. New cast with unknown/not well-known actors, Glen A. Larson script, ofcouse the new movie shouldn't forget the original Knight Rider from 80s. At the start of the movie should be explained what was in the past and what is in these days, that the crime is one step forward then before and the KITT should be updated. Ofcoure William Daniels should be KITT's voice. The crators shoudn't forget about jokes between KITT and new driver :) I think David isn't important to the movie, the new driver could get guidelines from Michael Knight through the computer with hidden face - new drivers father, whom the new driver haven't seen before and don't know that Michael is his father, Michael Knight is like Shadow from Team Knight Rider. If David Hasselhoff will be starring in the movie, then in the end of the movie, he should appear and the new driver should get all the truth about Michael Knight - his father. In the start of the movie KITT shouldn't be very happy with new driver, he miss Michael (like human), but later he realises, that the new driver has the same character as Michael, and in the end of the movie KITT realises why - becouse the new driver is the son of the Michael Knight :) If the movie creators don't forget a little jokes between KITT and driver, then the movie should work. I see those jokes between KITT and new driver and it's cool, for example the new driver meets KITT, the KITT is angry, that Michael can't be with him, he's upset-angry, he scares the new driver, the KITT turns engine on and starts pursuiting the new drivers, the new driver tries to escape, he's truly scared, but KITT doesn't try to kill him, he just tried to make driver frightened and to show he doesn't need another driver, he shows, that he wants Michael to come back. And as i said, KITT realises, that the new driver isn't such bad as he thought, he starts to understand, that the human became weaker in time, they aren't perpetual as KITT is and Michael is too weak to do missions with him, and KITT understand it.

So that's it, i told what i think the new movie should be, i have a lot of ideas in my mind, but it isn't so easy to write them all, moreover even the language i'm writting isn't by varnacular/mother-tongue.

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:11 pm
by KITTfan
It sounds promising that there will be familiar elements from original Knight Rider in the new movie even if it's modernized otherwise. I hope the theme and background music would be also as cool as in the original series, maybe even the original "trademark" melody included in it somehow :)
I too wish Hasselhoff would be in the movie playing Michael Knight.

I also hope the new tv-series would be done "right" and not ignoring the original series. After all, if every "trademark" Knight Rider elements are wiped out in the name of modernizing it and "times have changed" -reasons, the series should be named to something else. It's like in the Soul Survivor episode about KITT without his bubble memory & CPU, if there's nothing that makes Knight Rider what it is, then it's not Knight Rider, it doesn't have it's "soul" in it.

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 9:51 pm
by rhdaussiekitt
I know the new starsky & hutch movie wasnt all that great, but they had the same car, and I liked how the originals from the tv show handed the new guys the keys to the car,
the dukes of hazzard movie sucked but they had the same car..
maybe some way of pleasing fans, ie how many times was kitt rebuilt in kr over the 4 seasons?

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 11:34 pm
by FuzzieDice
First, a belated welcome to Victor to the board. I been busy myself so I didn't have time to read all of your post, but have read a bit of your posts over on IMDB. Glad to hear someone is keeping us updated. I also signed the petition.

I read a lot of KR fanfic and some of the things are way way far removed from the original series, yet has been very entertaining. I did like KR2000, in fact (not the first time I saw it when it came out, but the 2nd time I saw it when the Season 1 DVDs came out). I guess I got used to some of the different ways KR can be written that I have come to the conclusion that if the movie or series or whatever is well done and entertaining, then I will more than likely like it. I enjoyed the movie Stealth where many did not. So popular opinion in reviews may not be any indicator of whether or not I'd like the new show. I'd have to see it myself.

I hope that it'll be either on DVD or on broadcast TV so I will get to see it since I can't afford cable and due to a health problem, can't go to theatres. I do look forward to it though.

And I hope they have KARR in it and do something cool with him as well. :) Yes, I know I know... BIG KARR fan here so I had to say it. :twisted:

Victor - Do you know if are there any plans right now for KARR to be in the show Mr. Larsen is putting together?

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:11 am
by Victor Kros
Working on pitching ideas to Glen for K.A.R.R. possibly a direct to dvd origin movie covering how he's built and eventually becomes dangerous enough to have to be deactivated and locked away. (like a prequel) but at this point in time it's too early to confirm anything.


Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:02 pm
by T.A.H.O.E.
Welcome aboard Vic....!

in KR-2k we only saw KITT (WHOLE ) in brain memories- Devons in his death moments (sob ) &Saun when Kitt shot a voltage charge thru the shifter to activate the chip enhancement of her memory....

[ a good idea is to see in the background shot a KR-esque T/A & some tech/ proff/engineer/scientist talking with whomever plays Wilton that the body design would've worked a few yrs back but..... ]

Other than that, KITT was in a box & remenicent of Hal-3000 via it's-his mono red eye...telling Michael he looked like crap....

a good idea for a pre-body KITT is to see the cpu go active just before installation....& maybe in any prequel that shows KARR (yeh I'd love to reprogram/ajust KARR ) in pre installation & being either hacked into or covertly having his subroutine/dominant program altered just before installation into a appropriate karr-body-by some shadowy villain who gets into lab FLAG-1 & does what he/she does....
(whew! winded & brain drained on that )