KIFT seen in BTTF2

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Post by James_kr » Wed Aug 23, 2006 2:52 am

pdennis93 wrote:actually its not KIFT, the modified dodge stealth in BTTF2, its actually the real pontiac banshee prototypes (there were 2 or 3 seen in different colors in bttf2) as the stealth didnt even exist yet.

actually bttf2 was filmed in 1988, the same year the banshee came out

heres a pic where you see 2 in the background


Its funny when you look closely about how they try to make a car look futuristic but if you look there is an old run down vw bug sitting under the pontiac sign with what looks like bags under the wheels.

I don't know how people noticed that there was gold on the bottom of ML's trans am you can hardly see it.

I think the stock trans am was actually a nice looking car

It would be cool if they rebuilt some of the older cars with new designed parts and fixed up the problems and then brought them into the new centruy.I think these cars could be rebuilt but with Xenon lights inside the popup ones instead of normal lights. New Cars are getting way too plasticy for my likeing.
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