A KITT Conversion for today?????? Ideas that I wish.........

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A KITT Conversion for today?????? Ideas that I wish.........

Post by knightwing101 » Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:24 pm

A KITT Conversion for today?????? Ideas that I wish would be takern on board when creating a KITT Conversion.

I was just curious, especially after visting http://www.roblouisell.com/ and seeing his small video of his operational KITT and it's start up sequence etc, and please stop me if it has been thought of etc, but has anyone actually made a fully functional KITT using today's available technology?

The only reason I ask, and I have been thinking along these lines for a very long time, is that although most of the replica KITT's that are built, although function as a car only seems to be built with display purposes in mind? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am also aware that some of my ideas may not be legal, but it's bizzare when you see the new BMW, Mercades, Lexas, Aston Martin etc incorporating technology which was already incorporated in KITT 24yrs ago!!!

Yet from watching programmes like Pimp my ride, Overhulin etc there plenty of new technology that would word so well in the production of a real living and breathing functioning KITT. MINU the advanced expensive Artificial Intelligence.

Here are just a few points:

* Hi performance engine, suspension, NOS system, i.e. Fast and Furious system for the speed and performance a KITT truly deserves. (tied into the Turbo Boost/Pursuit buttons to activate the NOS)

* New Hi-performance tires, thicker rubber, harder to blow out tires, which were featured on pimp my ride.

* Rather than everyone trying to find the Hub cabs etc for the car, why not have alloy wheels cut with the same design. Proving to be lighter and more stylish, yet still keeping the same look.

* Automatic popping doors and boot, maybe even scrap the door handles altogether??

* GPS Satalite Navigation system. Tire in to the operational compass, tie into monitor for display, have the KITT voice "TOM-TOM" active through the sound system and also display through the voice modulation unit. There for giving the impression KITT is actually talking to you and the map system display on the monitor as in the show. It would be so call for a company to pay William Daniel for a session in a sound studio to record his voice properly for the "TOM-TOM" etc.

* I noticed that some custom KITT have a windows operating system etc. Very cool!! It would be even better if you could tie in "Windows Media centre" or something similar for all your music requirements, video etc.

* The monitor to be touch screen.

* A mobile phone system/video call system

* E-mail/internet/bluetooth/wireless system

* With these last few points you wouldn't need a stereo system installed. With an additional harddrive store mp3's.

* Have the "Anayliser function" the DVD/CD Burner reader.

* Rather than all the function pod buttons just activating voice recordings etc, remove the analogue indicators and windowipers stick controls and add the controls to the upper roof panels or centre console controls.

* Built in rear and front cameras into the boot and bonnet which are recorded and stored, yet available to view in monitor when reversing etc.

* Installing a semi-automatic gear box similar to that of the BMW M3. Although an automatic gear box it actually has manual control very similar to Formula 1 Racing.

* Front scanner to be remade with LED technology instead of bulbs, less power consuming etc, more control on brightness, more control on pattern.

* Automatic window wipers.

* Invisible radio antenna/maybe even Satellite.

* Rotating number plate???

Well there's just a few ideas, points, possible improvements.

Don't get me wrong I realise these would all be very costly etc additions, but there's likeness to the show and then there's having a more life like functioning machine, that would do the show and the public proud.

Thanks for reading regards

aka Knightwing101