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Post by Skyknight » Thu Dec 08, 2005 6:17 pm

Michael Pajaro wrote:See that's the thing though... it's really not supposed to be a "video ipod". It is an ipod that supports video. It's the same basic form-factor, for the same price, as the last generation of ipods that everyone still goes crazy for. The new ones just happen to support video as well. It's a free feature added to an already fantastic product.

Ahh...I see. Never looked at it from that perspective. Just with the way it was all hyped up here prior to it's release, I was expecting much more.

I'm gonna wait a while before I purchase a portable media player/recorder. I think they can do much better than what's out right now. :wink:

Nilton 8)

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Post by Kitzira » Fri Dec 09, 2005 12:25 am

The whole concept of portable video media is a bit strange to me. Sure we've had portable dvd players for a long time.. and their batteries have just barely made it through one movie. I've only seen one of these being used at an airport termal once. Two ppl watching a small screen with a split headphone cable.

Now we have PSP's, Video iPod, and streaming video to our phones. Ever seen the commerical of ppl lounging around, watching a music video or tv show or movie preview on their phone? Now in reality, who's gonna do that? And the service is expensive too! I'd much rather trade faster 'net (email, IM, movie times, weather) access on my phone rather than streaming media.

On another note of the iTunes service. You aren't limited to just playing the files on your iPod. You can watch them on your own personal computer. Helpful if you missed last night's Lost, don't have a dvr, and want it legally. Just don't expect high defintion images for a long time to come.